Paradox Engineering and P3GM join efforts to design, implement, and finance smart city technologies

Sept. 18, 2013
Date Announced: 18 Sep 2013 Novazzano and New York City - Paradox Engineering SA (“Paradox Engineering”) and P3 Global Management Inc. (“P3GM”) have announced a strategic alliance to jointly provide world-class smart city technology solutions and innovations to cities in North America. Through their partnership, Paradox Engineering and P3GM will seek to design, implement and finance specific smart city solutions cities desire.Cities are challenged by growing demand for urban services and energy resources, regulatory changes, and the limited availability of debt funding. As a result, they struggle to invest in solutions that could improve their livability, sustainability and economy.The public demand for connectivity and streamlined access to information is dramatically increasing. Cities have an important role to play in facilitating this demand not only to satisfy the public’s need and encourage economic development but also to allow cities to cut costs and improve the services they provide to their citizens. The municipal landscape is filled with infrastructure assets (such as bus shelters, rail stations, light poles, bus/rail cars, parking lots) that can be transformed to provide these services. However, many cities struggle to navigate through the numerous and complex technology options or to dedicate financial resources to invest in the new technologies that provide these services, missing the opportunity to build today the cities of the future.With its pioneering wireless sensor network technologies and solutions, Paradox Engineering helps cities provide these services by building a citywide integrated and Internet of Things ready network communication platform supporting multiple applications – such as smart lighting, smart metering, traffic signal management, parking management, solid waste management, and many more. It grants full interoperability through open standards, helping cities to take full advantage of their existing infrastructure while ensuring future technologies will be supported. Through its P3 model, P3GM is committed to enhancing cities through continuous innovation. With its consulting and investment management expertise, P3GM seeks to bring media, technology and sustainability solutions to cities. In partnership with municipalities, P3GM helps determine the appropriate technology solutions based on the needs of the city and its residents. To help finance these solutions, P3GM brings private sector funds and resources to bear, financing infrastructure improvements at no cost to cities.Jointly, Paradox Engineering and P3GM bring the engineering and financial expertise to design, build, finance and operate smart city solutions in a consultative approach with cities that will provide tangible social, economic and environmental benefits. Our approach ensures that cities do not need to choose between balancing budgets and providing services to its citizens.“Paradox Engineering is building partnerships in North America and P3GM is an excellent partner which will help our Company to uniquely position and capitalize the market opportunities we are already working on” states Gianni Minetti, President and CEO, Paradox Engineering. “By integrating our PE.AMI platform with P3GM approach we’ll be able to leverage the expertise of both companies and build a unique and innovative offer perfectly fitting customers’ requirements. Together we will provide a future-proof answer to some of the most challenging needs Cities face”.Jim Campbell, CEO of P3GM notes: "These networks created with Paradox Engineering generate rich data points from concentric technology platforms including way finding kiosks, street scape lighting, variable app driven parking solutions and crowd sourced municipal Wi-Fi, data used for city management, personnel deployment, homeland security, economic barometer and business incentives. This is game changing technology."Solid market experienceParadox Engineering’s urban wireless sensor network technology PE.AMI is being implemented in several Smart City projects around the globe. Thanks to its superior levels of flexibility and security, the full compliance to open standard protocols and its ability to seamlessly integrate multiple applications on one integrated network infrastructure, Paradox Engineering’s platform has been selected in San Francisco, California, to pilot a citywide scalable wireless network to control street lights, but also monitor and control electric vehicle charging stations, electrical meters and traffic signals. Likewise, the City of Paris, France, has selected PE.AMI as the technology to manage Smart Lighting for the renovation of the Voie sur Berges, along the river Seine – and to further integrate this application with additional ones to be soon rolled out along with the City energy efficiency plan.P3GM is integrating Paradox Engineering’s m2m wireless network platform into strategic plans connecting back end systems to critical safety and social communications portals, integral to a cities’ functionality. This is being done to connect smart lighting, wayfinding and Wi-Fi on city streets and transit systems to cultivate meaningful performance metrics improving functionality and efficiency.Together, Paradox Engineering and P3GM plan to approach cities, transit agencies and utility companies in the US with a thorough plan to help them consolidate and implement new technologies leading their transformation into smart cities. About Paradox Engineering SAParadox Engineering SA is a technology company that designs and markets solutions to unlock the value of data for industrial remote and condition monitoring, Smart Grid/Smart City, M2M, HUMS and HAN projects in the Internet of Things era. The unique competences in radio design, network design and management, low power consumption and energy harvesting, and data collection are at the heart of Paradox Engineering’s DNA. The Company conceives and provides open standard urban and industrial wireless sensor network solutions, global virtual networks and OEM versions of its core network technologies, to companies and developers.Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, Paradox Engineering acts on a truly global scale, with business and projects spanning over five continents and with a consolidated network of global strategic partners. For more information, please visit and About P3GMFounded in 2011, P3GM is committed to enhancing cities through continuous innovation. Investing in municipal infrastructure, P3GM helps increase asset value and generate new revenue streams for cities, counties, transit agencies and commercial projects with tangible community benefits. To learn more about P3GM visit them on the web at

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