Australia's famed Bondi Beach area reduces emissions and energy costs with Empyrean Lighting LED luminaires

Sept. 12, 2013
Date Announced: 12 Sep 2013 One of Australia’s most iconic beaches has just had a “LED makeover” to showcase its public spaces after dark. In conjunction with Eco save and Waverley Council, Empyrean Lighting recently supplied their Andromeda Park luminaires, replacing 46 existing metal halide park lights and 26 flood lights at the Bondi Pavilion. The Andromeda series of luminaires reduce expensive maintenance costs and are a more effective and efficient lighting solution. 'We are absolutely delighted with the installation of new state-of-the-art LED lighting in Bondi Park & Pavilion next to Bondi Beach,' Mayor Betts said. 'This lighting upgrade has been part of a broad energy saving retrofit program across 10 of our major sites to reduce energy consumption and costs." "These new LED lamps in Bondi Park & Pavilion will enable Council to save around $15,000 from annual energy bills and avoid around 70 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. This is a great step towards our long term environmental target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% for 2020."The Andromeda LED Series was released in 2011 and since has been recognised as setting a benchmark in LED performance and customization. Kevin Day, CEO of Empyrean Lighting, understands the need for versatile and customizable park and street luminaires. “We are delighted to showcase our innovative and patented Andromeda technology in such a high profile and beautiful environment, and we commend Waverley Council for their commitment in seeking sustainable solutions for their constituents.” Robin Archibald, the Chief Operating Officer of Ecosave also added “As part of the energy retrofit program at Waverley Council, Ecosave proposed to replace existing inefficient metal halide luminaries with the Andromeda series from Empyrean Lighting. These fittings provided the required light levels for the area and were able to withstand the tough environmental conditions at the beach.”Andromeda luminaires can be seen worldwide in diverse application environments such as Canberra Airport, the S.E.A Aquarium on Sentosa Island in Singapore, and various domestic and international mining projects. All up there are over 9000 individual varieties of the Andromeda series including luminaires for high/low bay lighting, flood lighting, park lights, and a variety of custom luminaires.

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