GSZM releases 360° LED candle light that highlights chandelier fixtures

Sept. 25, 2013
Date Announced: 25 Sep 2013 Characteristics:(1) No dead angleWith 360°-light-beam spatial lighting LED components,our 360°LED candle light can realize “360° full spatial lighting”, which enables light to be filled within every corner and avoids illuminating dead angles.(2) No dazzling lightWith 360°-light-beam spatial lighting LED components,our 360° LED candle light uniformly scatters the light from every angle, ensures the uniformity of light in every direction and makes it possible for you to enjoy the uniform, gentle and non-dazzling natural light.(3) No multiple shadowsWith 360°-light-beam spatial lighting LED components, our 360°LED candle light creates super high “light quality”, completely eradicates layers of layers of shadows which occur after the object “being visualized”, thus it restores the object’s distinct three-dimension image.(4) Lighting aesthetic effectWith 360°-light-beam spatial lighting LED components, our 360° LED candle light fully expresses crystal lights’ luxury and grace, enables every single crystal item to shine brightly and splendidly, sparkles outstanding and eye-dazzling radiance, which will surely be the best illustration for crystal lights’ nobleness and elegance.Parameters:Optical parameters:Lumen value: > 180 lumensColor rendering index: ≤80Color temperature: K1, K4, K5(Remarks: K1:2700-3000K K2:3000-3500K K3:3500-4500K K4:4500-5500K K5:5500-6500K K6:≧6500 )Electric parameters:The total power consumption: ≤ 3 WThe input voltage: 86 ~ 260 v / 50 HzPower supply: isolated power supplyPower executive standard: CE

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