Bayer MaterialScience's transparent polycarbonate enables robust LED lighting modules

Sept. 26, 2013
Date Announced: 26 Sep 2013 Bayer’s transparent polycarbonate lights the way to greater design freedom for innovative LED lighting componentPittsburgh - As demand for energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures continues to grow, manufacturers are responding with a larger selection of high-quality LED lighting options. The LED light engine is a key component that helps make the LED lighting that surrounds us each day more energy efficient. Light engines are used in both new lighting and retrofits of older lighting applications, which include indoor and outdoor wall sconces, outdoor wall packs, surface-mounted ceiling fixtures and recessed step and wall lights. LED lighting manufacturers are seeking materials that not only offer design freedom, but are tough, reliable and feature a strong property profile. Bayer MaterialScience LLC’s polycarbonate has become a go-to material for rigorous LED lighting applications. One such application is the Line-Voltage Linear LED Engine offered by TerraLUX Illumination. A light engine – composed of one or more LED modules, an LED driver and a heat sink - is at the heart of many LED lighting fixtures. This TerraLUX LED engine is a fully integrated, self-contained, plug-and-play LED solution for lighting fixture manufacturers and retrofit installations. It is AC-mains compatible, as well as dimmable, and requires no additional drivers or special sockets.TerraLUX is utilizing Makrolon® FR7087 polycarbonate, a medium-viscosity, easy-release grade of Bayer MaterialScience’s signature Makrolon polycarbonate, for the product’s lens. This grade of plastic is also ultraviolet (UV) stabilized, flame retardant (UL 94 flame rated 5VA at 3.0 mm) and is typically processed by injection molding.“Makrolon FR7087 polycarbonate, developed specifically for use in electrical and electronic applications, boasts tremendous clarity,” said Kevin Dunay, polycarbonates market segment leader, electrical, Bayer MaterialScience LLC. “The material’s flame rating, light transmission and impact properties, combined with Bayer’s technical expertise, made it a good fit for this demanding application.”Brett Pardikes, senior mechanical engineer, TerraLUX Illumination, agrees: “Using Bayer’s plastic gave us the design freedom necessary to create one of the first truly integrated LED linear light engines that offers an IP-65 rating, is UL-listed for retrofit solutions and offers in-field durability – all while maintaining maximum light output and efficiency.” The Line-Voltage Linear LED Engine, available in the United States and Canada, is offered in three sizes, all of which have the same 1.66-inch-high by 1.1-inch-wide profile, but differ in length, light output and weight. Size options are 4 inches (6.2 ounces); 6 inches (9.3 ounces); or 8 inches (12.4 ounces). About TerraLUX Illumination:Headquartered in Colorado, TerraLUX Illumination was founded in 2003 to advance solid state lighting technology. Through meticulous research and development, the company has built an extensive intellectual property and patent portfolio representing a new state of the art in LED thermal management (LEDSense®), optics, LED drive electronics, affordable LED module manufacturing and more.About Bayer MaterialScience LLC: Bayer MaterialScience LLC is one of the leading producers of high-performance plastics in North America and is part of the global Bayer MaterialScience business with approximately 14,500 employees at 30 production sites around the world and 2012 sales of 11.5 billion euros. The company manufactures high-tech polymer materials and develops innovative solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. The main segments served are the automotive, electrical and electronics, construction, medical, and sports and leisure industries. Sustainability is central to Bayer MaterialScience LLC’s business and is based around the key areas of innovation, product stewardship, social responsibility and respect for the environment.Contact:For more information about Bayer MaterialScience LLC's polycarbonates, call 1-800-662-2927, email [email protected] or visit more information about TerraLUX Illumination, call 1 (303) 442-4960 or visit the variety of sizes available and the durable properties imparted by the Makrolon® FR7087 polycarbonate, the Line-Voltage Linear LED Engine is well suited for use in a number of new and retrofit applications, such as indoor or outdoor wall sconces, outdoor wall packs, surface-mounted ceiling fixtures and recessed step and wall lights.

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