DALI Power's new Jiewu driver uses 4000-mA MOS driver circuit

Sept. 27, 2013
Date Announced: 27 Sep 2013 At this stage LED tube lamp is still one of the largest market in consumer demand, currently there are two types mainstream LED driver: Isolation circuit and Non-Isolation circuit. Since the rectified mains voltage and output load voltage has large difference, therefore, the most appropriate way is to drive by the flyback isolated buck circuit. However, the complex structure of the isolation circuit, more components, high costs, low efficiency, and different standards lead to not so popular than non-isolated lamp application. Isolation circuit as opposed to non-isolated circuit chip has played an important role in LED lighting application. Compared with isolated products, it has high efficiency and relatively low system cost, small board space resulting in a large number of applications, has gradually become the mainstream programs. DALI POWER brands Jiewu! Driver launched JW-FG20W*** series driver in allusion to high performance non-isolated LED lighting applications. The series driver is built-in 4N60(4000mA) High-voltage MOS driver circuit can go on cycle detection in real time, and control the real output current. The output voltage and external inductance changes but little change in the output current by 95-265V wide range of input voltage. And adding a negative temperature coefficient control, can effectively reduce the light attenuation. In addition, the chip integrates various protection functions, includes output open circuit protection, output short circuit protection, cycle by cycle over-current protection, over temperature protection and VCC overvoltage protection and so on. Which LED short-circuit protection can get very low output short circuit protection power(<0.5W @18W) when output short circuit occurs unusual circumstances. To avoid damage to the circuit and external components. Model: JW-FR20WInput Voltage: AC 95~265VPower: 6-20 Watts(Tip: use EFD15 transformer if not good cooling light body structure)Output Current: 80~240mAOutput Voltage: DC 40~80VEfficiency: 88%Power Factor: 0.97Dimension: L100*W16*H10mmProtection Function: Short circuit protection, output short circuit protection, cycle by cycle current limit, intelligent temperature protection and VCC OVPLED tube lamp is not a new development product, but relatively high price to traditional fluorescent, this is the block to put off its popularity. Regardless of light source, structure or the drivers are to reduce costs or indirectly become a quick way to reduce costs for enterprises. At present this series product has sold 200,000 PCS cumulative, market price of ¥5.50 RMB yuan(≈$0.90USD) without tax. With the popularity of the optimization of thermal insulation materials, the big trend for non-isolated driver overtaking the isolation circuit driver in a program. The meaning of high conversion efficiency is not only to reduce energy intensity, but to improve LEDs usage rates and reduce costs, add more values to consumers.

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