DALI Power utilizes high-efficiency, low-current, and high-voltage non-isolated LED driver

Sept. 9, 2013
Date Announced: 09 Sep 2013 At present, in the general LED lighting market, the typical LED driver is not an isolated design and drive power supply. The isolation design for lamps and lanterns is limited to double insulation products - light bulb replacement products, for example. In DALI Power products, the LED and driver are sealed in conductive plastic, glass, or ceramic. As a result, the end user doesn't have any risk of electric shock. DALI Power brands plans to release a full series power range, Jiewu, from 1 to 30 watts, with low current/high voltage output design for a total of 14 driver products.High insulation case housing will plays an important role in the near futureThe designer of the JIEWU holds the opinion that indoor lighting will largely use the high insulation case housing in the future. The physical structure determines whether the driver is isolated or not. For a product to be safely used by end customers, the reliability of the insulation and isolation is what we must consider first. The surface within reach of the user must be isolated to avoid electric shock hazard. DALI Power expects that plastics, ceramics, or glass, which are low cost, easy to manufacture, and easy to transport, will mainly be be applied to the light housing's high insulation structure. For instance, the previous LED "fluorescent style" lamp is a full plastic lamp, which adopts the non-isolated power supply and 5 of the straw tube LEDs. Thermal problems lead to heavy light attenuation and short service life. Nowadays, optical flow and power density of LEDs are improved, and lower cost can meet the demands for the luminance of traditional lighting. Now Philips, BENBON, and Gosoled are represented by the plastic and glass tubes of the LED "fluorescent style" tubes.Based on the isolation design of the LED driver, it will be mainstream in lamp applicationIn the heart of lamps and lanterns, the LED driver occupies a large portion of the comprehensive cost of the product. A few years ago, because of the light efficiency and reliability of the LED light source, high power light sources have been playing a dominant role. This also is because the LED driver design uses the high current/low voltage output isolation type LED driver. In the future, the maturity of linear drive cost price comparison, an unfenced LED driver is most likely in the next two years to be used in large quantities in the general lighting market. Unfenced LED drivers feature characteristics of high conversion efficiency and low fever.Power supply technology update speed is quick, updated once every 3 months, 6 months at a time. JIEWU products design positioning is more reliable in performance than resistance capacity step-down, comprehensive cost over isolation type LED drive power supply; we firmly believe that the future of indoor lighting will be more and more high insulation shell. This kind of switch power supply with constant current matches the resistance capacity step-down circuit on cost. See power supply application examples of the 3-5 w power when loaded with typical conversion efficiency to 90%, but it is important to note the application structure needs to be adopted such as plastic, ceramic, or glass insulation case, in order to avoid security issues.Low comprehensive cost will be isolated one of the advantages of popular LED driverAs a manufacturer of LED lamps and lanterns, it is important to analyze lamps and lanterns from several aspects, such as cost and manufacturing technology, efficiency and volume, insulation reliability and safety standards, and so on. Non-isolating circuit elements cost less than an isolating circuit. At the same time, because of the power source (3014283, 5401, 4573, COB, etc.) of low current/high voltage output, photosynthetic efficiency improves reliability and technology maturity. Low-cost integrated solutions (including LED light source, the heat dissipation structure, and LED driver) is always a consumer purchase decision and popular LED general lighting products are an important driving force. For example, at present many enterprises seeking to reduce cost indirectly reduce the LED tube light source. 2835 packaging products gradually become one of the main light source of LED tubes. 2835 is 0.2 W series of products, so the LED tube under the same power use will reduce by more than half the manufacturing cost and light source energy costs.E-catalog Links: http://ecatalog.oodii.com/27888.html

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