Astera LED-Technology redesigns website to address wireless and architectural lighting focuses

Sept. 6, 2013
Date Announced: 06 Sep 2013 This year is Astera LED-Technology’s year of market expansion and they have marked this with the release of new products, increased software developments, opening an office in the USA, and now with a new, visually attractive and knowledge-filled company website.Designed by Muze Studio of Israel, the website splits into two business divisions, just like the company itself; wireless event lighting and architectural lighting. The site features Astera’s new corporate colours and new logo, and has generally de-cluttered the information on display from its previous web offering. The new site features extensive downloads for the company’s wireless range, and a comprehensive support section built up from years of queries and solutions. All of the core products are displayed on the site with data, images and accessories for each product listed alongside.The architectural section of the new site displays Astera’s most impressive projects and comes with information, a specification, images and videos to give the user the best experience when sliding through the projects. Hanan Yariv, technical director at Astera LED-Technology, commented, “The new website will give users a better understanding of the capabilities of Astera products and lighting solutions. The site is full of information and images yet lean for easy navigation, and it will only get bigger over the coming months as we add more projects, more sections and features”.Astera LED-Technology manufactures wireless LED event lighting and is based in Germany. With a complete product range from small and versatile fixtures to larger and more powerful spotlights, revolutionary controllers, various decorative polyethylene objects, and many other accompanying accessories, Astera offers a tailored variety of wireless lighting solutions for event and lighting designers, DJs, wedding organizers, and corporate event management companies.The new website launched on 1st September 2013. Astera welcomes all users to comment on the new design and features on their Facebook page. Search Astera LED-Technology on Facebook and join the Astera revolution.

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