Abacus addresses lighting challenges at Reading Train Care Depot with LED lights that achieve safety and efficacy goals

Sept. 3, 2013
Date Announced: 03 Sep 2013 Reading Train Care Depot is a critical support hub which has kept train services in the South & London running for over 50 years. When sophisticated and complex lighting was required as part of a £36m rebuild, Abacus, with their unrivaled experience in rail were able to design and deliver a unique solution. Today the transformation is highly visible for drivers and workers as Abacus light the way at the new depot. The new Reading depot is set to cater for 147 trains, with forward thinking, future proof facilities to support not only diesel run but also the oncoming electric train - this all new state-of-the-art site will provided effective maintenance with an increased turn around and safety to all on the rails. With overhead gantries, ground height and the concerns of the Berkshire residents to consider, the light level became a prominent factor and required a thoughtful yet highly effective solution. Considering a positive history and track record of successful projects with Abacus to produce a full site solution, arrangements were made to combat the tricky terrain that lay ahead, as Volker Fitzpatrick project manager Nick Langdon stated, “Abacus were involved in the project from early design stage due to the strict planning requirements imposed due to the elevated position of the depot. The lighting installation with Abacus supplied components included: 670 LED bollards, 70 6m raise and lower lighting columns & 110 wall mount bulkheads.” With this early involvement, Abacus was able to design and tailor the ideal solution for this project as Abacus’ Darren Pearce commented, “We worked over a 2 year period to assist in the early design stages to achieve the National Rail specification for both average, minimum uniformity levels and low glare for drivers along with a green solution that showed great life cost savings.” The implementation of the Quartz LED bollard with specifically designed optics allowed an increase in the spacing of the bollards, meaning a lower number of bollards and a higher level of maneuverability for staff without the loss of light along with decreased CO2 output.Dynamic engineering and construction company Volker Fitzpatrick led the Network Rail project, starting work in November 2011 and completing in late July 2013. With the old depot retired and due to be demolished, this project was no small accomplishment as Nick Langdon commented: “The Reading Train Care Depot project as part of Crossrail Reading works has been completed on time and within budget. Involving the installation of over 4.5km of sidings, 2km of Overhead line, a 220m road maintenance shed, an under-frame cleaning facility, a 70m bidirectional train wash facility & multiple ancillary buildings.” The combination of strong lighting solutions and our hard working team ensured the ultimate resolution, meeting specifications on our approved LED bollard and offering low maintenance and 12 year warranties for these savings. The work with Volker Fitzpatrick and Abacus has allowed Reading Train Care Depot to lead the way in rejuvenating the future of rail.

Holly Bolus, marketing Abacus

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