Aura Light launches new LED luminaire range for lighting commercial indoor spaces

Sept. 9, 2013
Date Announced: 09 Sep 2013 The Swedish lighting company Aura Light expands its LED range by launching a family of new LED luminaires for offices, retail, public areas, hotels, restaurants and museums. All of the luminaires are equipped with Aura Light’s new and unique LED light source and with the QuickChange™ easy mounting system, for quick and easy replacement. The luminaires are a family of downlights and spotlights with the exchangeable LED light source Aura CompoLED Long Life. The luminaires are equipped with the QuickChange™ easy mounting system with bayonet socket for quick replacement and upgrading of LED modules. This means that the LED luminaire is modular and that the LED light source easily can be replaced. – With this new LED luminaire range we offer our high quality LED solutions to shops, museums, lobbies, hotels, restaurants and offices. This should be the natural choice for customers seeking a sustainable solution for energy saving and high quality lighting, says Martin Malmros, CEO Aura Light International AB. Aura Conspecto is as recessed LED downlight sized for easy replacement of compact fluorescent luminaries. This LED luminaire is far more energy and cost efficient than compact fluorescent alternatives. Aura Aperius is a range of recessed LED downlights. It is available in three versions; recessed version, semi-recessed and cardanic adjustable. Aura Emanio is an energy efficient LED spotlight solution for 3-phase lighting track.The luminaires are developed for the new LED light source Aura CompoLED Long Life which has a guaranteed lifetime of 60.000 hours. Aura CompoLED Long Life is based on COB (Chip On Board) technology which compared to surface mounting technology gives the light source a higher efficacy through reducing the number of thermal interfaces and thus improving the thermal transfer as well as reducing the likelihood of solder-joint breakage. The COB (Chip On Board) array in the Aura CompoLED Long Life is protected by a glass lens, which protects the LED array from chemical contamination and moisture, two of the most common reasons of LED system failure.

Martin Malmros, CEO, Aura Light International AB +46-(0)8-564-883-40

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