Caesars Palace Home Store relies on Eco-Downlight LEDs from Creative Systems Lighting

Sept. 16, 2013
Date Announced: 16 Sep 2013 CSL® (Creative Systems Lighting) 5" aperture Eco-Downlight LED shines at Caesars Palace home storeThe Caesars Palace Home Store in Las Vegas recently went through a major lighting upgrade, as part of the iconic hotel/casino’s goal of achieving a higher level of energy efficiency. CSL® (Creative Systems Lighting), pioneers of recessed downlighting and leaders in energy efficient lighting, provided the bulk of lighting for the retail project: 46 5” aperture Eco-Downlight LEDs.The challenge:The Caesars Palace Home Store needed to find a recessed LED solution that provides high quality light appropriate for a retail setting, said Kathy Wilson, president of Nevada Sales Agency - the firm that assisted the property owner in selecting the lighting. The product needs to simultaneously handle heavy usage and create a pleasant environment and customer experience.Another challenge: The space was existing and ceiling very low - a design element that could not be changed, said Wilson. This required quite a bit of lighting layout/design to get the proper uniformity required for a retail application. The lower ceiling heights also required a fixture that was ‘aesthetically pleasing’ on the eye from such a close distance.The solution:Wilson and the Caesars Palace Home Store property owner specified 46 of CSL’s 5” aperture Eco-Downlight LEDs designed for New Construction (#EDL5 NC-WW/EDL5-1006). The product debuted at LIGHTFAIR® International in 2012 and recently received an Architectural SSL magazine Product Innovation Award. CSL also introduced an IC version of the 5” in early 2013.The 5” aperture IC Recessed Eco-Downlight LED, available in new construction, remodel and IC versions, features: 38 input watts that deliver 2500 lumens; 80, 85 and 90 CRI packages; dimming capabilities with a standard incandescent dimmer (0-10v dimming also available); field-replaceable light engine and driver; and a light engine coded for performance maintenance replacement. All versions of CSL’s 5” Eco-Downlight LEDs offer five interchangeable optics to include a 12-, 25-, 45-, 65- and 85-degree beam spreads, and modularity of square and round trims that mate in the same housing.The CSL product was utilized with the standard set of optics from the factory in the design, said Wilson. The client liked the option of CSL sending the other two optics with each fixture, just in case the need came up to adjust in the field during installation.The result:“It turned out beautiful and functional in every aspect,” said Wilson, in describing the aesthetics, functionality and energy efficiency of the completed project. “CSL also met a very tight construction schedule that not all manufacturers could have met.”CSL’s Eco-Downlight line also includes a 2” aperture Eco-Downlight LED “Mini,” which is offered in remodel, new construction and IC versions and features 14 system watts that deliver up to 800 lumens. It includes: 80 and 90 CRI packages; incandescent dimming; interchangeable optics to include 25-, 45-, 65- and 85-degree beam spreads; and modularity of square and round trims that mate in the same housing.The 3” aperture Eco-Downlight LED is offered in remodel, new construction and IC Adjustable Airtight versions featuring 16 system watts that deliver 1250 lumens. It includes: 80 and 85 CRI packages; incandescent dimming and EM ready; four interchangeable optics to include 25-, 45-, 65- and 85-degree beam spreads; and modularity of square and round trims that mate in the same housing.“We’re proud to have been part of the Caesars Palace Home Store project,” said Mark D’Antonio, vice president of sales and marketing for CSL. “The decision to install high performance LEDs is not just about ‘going green.’ LED technology has evolved to the point where it makes sense from a business standpoint, in terms of long term cost effectiveness, providing energy efficient illumination, style, functionality and dependability.”

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