Lighten Corp launches Lightan III Chip-on-board LED emitters with three CRI options

Sept. 2, 2013
Date Announced: 02 Sep 2013 Lighten Corp. launches Lightan III commercial light series with more light output, higher lm/$ and uniform light patternsInsufficient light、glare、light decay are always complained using LED lamps in commercial lighting market. These disadvantages come from bad heat dissipation using SMD packages. Lightan III commercial lighting series COB emitters offering low thermal resistance, easy-assembled and uniform light patterns can solve these problems and provide high-power solutions for commercial lighting applications.Lighten Corp., leading LED COB emitter provider, unveils its latest Lightan III Commercial light series COB LED emitters. This series provides not only low thermal resistance, high lumen output efficacy, anti-vulcanization emitters but also solutions to optical/mechanical problems in lamp design and assembly. Critical dimensions like emitting area and tooling hole of Lightan III Commercial light series are identical to most popular fixture/lens/reflector to ensure lamp provider can select related parts for different customized needs.Lightan III commercial lighting series provide different high CRI (70,80, 90) options for customer. In 2013, Lighten Corp. keeps its pace to provide high power, high efficiency, the best quality, energy-saving, high CRI COB emitters for customers’ various needs.

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