Orb Optronix offers accelerated life test equipment for solid-state lighting product design

Sept. 12, 2013
Date Announced: 12 Sep 2013 Will your optical sub-components last as long as your LEDs? At Orb Optronix (now a part of CSA Group) we are often asked to find solutions to new challenges in solid-state lighting. As many of our customers know, there are numerous components involved in a successful lamp, luminaire, or device design.Elevated temperature irradiance chamberRobust optics, films, coatings, and phosphors are all important components in the design of new SSL products. Accelerated life testing is critical to see how these sub-components, or groupings of them, will weather the extreme conditions created by the day-to-day irradiance of the LEDs and the heat expected within a final product.Orb Optronix has created the Elevated Temperature Irradiance Chamber (ETIC) specifically for this type of accelerated life testing. The portable, toolbox-sized test chamber places sub-components (including phosphors) in very high irradiance and temperature conditions to accelerate their aging.The test conditions are achieved with high irradiance blue light focused through the test samples secured inside the device while using resistive heaters to increase and control the ambient temperature. The materials are subjected to extreme conditions of light and heat to reveal any tendencies for the sub-components to melt, discolor, or fail under the accelerated condition set. All the parameters are software-controlled with real-time monitoring of the test conditions.Feature:- Liquid cooled LEDs for long, stable LED performance- Easily replaceable or changeable LED sources for custom wavelengths- Independent irradiance control of up to 8 calibrated LED light sources per chamber- Irradiance up to 140,000 W/m2- Irradiance area 1 cm2- Temperatures to 150°C- Full-featured software control- Firmware safety and DUT over temperature monitoring- In-house testing services availableIf you are a materials, plastics, or device manufacturer, an ETIC is a serious advantage during your R&D phase! Call today - we also have ETIC testing available from our Laboratory Services team.About Orb OptronixOrb Optronix offers engineering services, laboratory testing products, and complete test and measurement services to the LED industry, including NVLAP accredited IES LM-79-08, and IES LM-80-08 test and measurement. The company also offers integral lamp lumen maintentance testing, DC, PWM and single pulse electrical-thermal-optical LED characterization, angular distribution characterization, LED eye safety testing and display test & measurement services. Laboratory testing products include LM-80 hardware solutions, LED characterization software, and LED characterization systems. For more information on Orb's LED characterization products and test and measurement services, visit http://www.orboptronix.com/.

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