Ledel offers LCS-01/PC LED lighting control system with integrated ZigBee module

Sept. 20, 2013
Date Announced: 20 Sep 2013 The latest development of Russian company LEDEL – wireless lighting control system LSC-01/PC, designed to control LED lightings with integrated ZigBee module. Intuitive software is installed on computer and lets the user configure the schedule of operation mode. It is possible to adjust the work of devices by the hour, programming smooth changes in brightness during the day, etc. LCS-01/PC allows control of both a single lamp and a group of lamps. Adjusted settings are configured on the computer and transmitted through USB-modem on the ZigBee module. The signal does not depend on wires.LCS-01/PC system allows the user to make sure that the lights are on only when needed, thus saving considerable electricity. The brightness can be set from 0 to 100%, depending on the needs of the user. The system can simultaneously control ten lighting groups, and the number of units in the group can be selected at random.

Alsu Faizullina, PR department, LEDEL ltd.

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