Solid Apollo LED creates custom LED lights for retail and commercial clients

Nov. 4, 2013
Date Announced: 04 Nov 2013 Many businesses and individuals have a need for LED lighting products that are currently unavailable on the market. Solid Apollo LED creates and configures specialty LED lighting solutions that allow new, never before seen applications of LED lighting. From retail displays to unique acrylic configurations for large manufacturers, Solid Apollo utilizes its innovative designers and LED experience to build the perfect products and systems to suit the needs of its customers. With new manufacturing capabilities and improved components, Solid Apollo is producing an even larger variety of custom LED lighting solutions.Solid Apollo LED recently aided Swift Bus Rapid Transit in the Greater Seattle area by creating a custom LED lighting system to light up their regional bus stations. The community transit program required a high end waterproof solution that would increase visibility and brightness while preserving the color temperature of their satins. Solid Apollo created the perfect product: 30 high durability LED lighting systems and implemented them at all Swift locations.Danon Canada needed a one-of-a-kind lighting module to refine its yogurt machines. Solid Apollo’s lighting design enabled the client to correctly measure yogurt on extrusion machines, increasing productivity and alleviating waste from its Canadian facilities. Total R&D took only weeks, and enabled Danon to correctly measure extrusion labels.Cole Johnstone, marketing specialist at Solid Apollo expressed why clients are interested in custom LED products: "LEDs are the perfect lighting solution for custom projects. They can be suited to the specific needs of a customer, for optimum lighting, longevity, and durability."Storefront displays and design is one of Solid Apollo LED’s specialties, having helped numerous clients including Guess Clothing, with vivid POS retail displays. Solid Apollo worked with the fashion designer to illuminate 8 foot high guitars with multiple lighting effects based upon customer interaction. Solid Apollo technicians used microwave sensors placed behind the display to illuminate the guitars in different ways, depending on how customers moved their hands over the strings. This created beautiful effects at the point of sale, and attracting customers with bright LED light shows.LED lights are the perfect lighting source to utilize in customizable products by offering durable, long lasting light that can perfectly light up projects of any size. Solid Apollo has applied their technical knowledge of LED lighting and design creativity to illuminate projects that attract thousands of customers each day. Creating your own custom lighting solution may be closer than you think. Visit or simply call 425-582-7533 to begin creating your own LED product.

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