Sensity Systems's latest LED luminaires integrate lighting-sensor networking capabilities

Nov. 8, 2013
Date Announced: 08 Nov 2013 High Bay, High Mast, Post Top, Roadway, Area and Wall Pack Luminaires Integrate Extensive Networking Capabilities; Offer Superb Energy Savings and Cutting-Edge DesignSUNNYVALE, Calif. - Sensity Systems, the pioneer of Light Sensory Networks (LSN), has announced the availability of its comprehensive NetSense-enabled LED luminaire portfolio, the first LED lighting products designed from the ground up for LSNs. Each luminaire supports a broad set of cloud applications with Sensity’s NetSense platform. The platform includes sensors and high-bandwidth networking that light owners can use to collect, monitor, analyze and act on real-time information for improved lighting and for diverse applications such as public safety, environmental and weather monitoring, parking and asset management.“General availability of our LED lighting and networking portfolio is an important milestone for Sensity Systems as well as for the lighting industry as a whole,” said Hugh Martin, chairman and CEO of Sensity Systems. “Lighting owners now have the ability to transform their lighting infrastructure into a strategic network capable of capturing data from the world around them—and using that data to improve everything from security to business profitability. We have truly entered the ‘Internet of Things’ era where people and businesses will be connected to one another through the objects around them in their everyday lives.”“Sensity Systems is quickly becoming known as the leader in lighting innovation, and the general availability of their LSN-enabled luminaires means that more customers will be able to take advantage of Sensity’s breakthrough solutions,” said Jim Maucieri, vice president at KSA Lighting, a Sensity manufacturer representative in Chicago and North West Indiana. “Working closely with Sensity has allowed us to expand our lighting offerings with state-of-the-art networking capabilities, so we can deliver more value to our customers. We believe that highly efficient networks of smart LEDs based on the NetSense platform will further drive innovation and help build a smarter world. Light Sensory Networks are game changers.” All Sensity LED luminaires that are LSN-enabled include occupancy/motion, ambient, energy and temperature sensors offering analytics and reporting for actual power and consumed and saved; energy optimization scheduling; user-defined group lighting; and predictive maintenance and real-time fault notification. With the NetSense platform, these new LED luminaires collectively gather and process data about the surrounding environment, enabling analytics that transform the raw data into actionable information. Sensity’s LED luminaires reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases by 80 percent, improve lighting quality and safety, and completely eliminate the toxic mercury found in traditional high intensity discharge (HID), inductive and fluorescent light sources. With the additional networking functionality, Sensity delivers energy savings of approximately 90 percent—for an even faster return on investment.Sensity’s Three Luminaire Series Provide High Efficacy and Excellent Light DistributionIn addition to Sensity’s existing retrofit solutions, the company’s networked LED luminaires are offered in three product series:The Everest SeriesThe Sensity Everest Series of LED high bay, high mast and high output area luminaires are ideal for high-output roadway, parking lot, warehouse, railroad and flood lighting applications. The Everest Series features:- A range of 14,000-60,000 lumens of total light output that can replace up to 1,500W of HID fixtures, such as metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS).The Citadel SeriesThe Sensity Citadel Series features a modular and scalable form factor, and it achieves up to 97 lumens per watt. Members of the Citadel Series include:- The Citadel LED roadway luminaire is an ideal HID replacement for roadway and street lighting applications, offering a range of 3,500 to 20,000 lumens that can replace up to 750W HID lamps.- The Citadel area/shoebox luminaire is ideal for pole-mounted shoebox, parking and area lighting applications, delivering an output range of 3,500-15,000 lumens, replacing up to 400W HID equivalent wattages. - The Citadel wall pack luminaire provides an output range of 2,600-12,000 lumens and is appropriate for any wall mount applications, such as stairway, garage, perimeter and security lighting. It can replace up to 400W HID lamps. The PT SeriesThe Sensity PT Series comprises post top LED retrofit solutions that are designed to upgrade existing post top, acorn, pendant, lantern, globe and bollard applications. The PT Series allows lighting owners to preserve the look of their environment and retain their existing fixtures, while replacing 70W to 400W HID lamps with the latest LED technology for up to 80 percent in energy savings. The PT Series will offer LSN capabilities in 1H 2014. Certification and TestingSensity LED luminaires are LM-79 and ISTMT tested in Department of Energy certified, independent, nationally recognized testing laboratories. Sensity LED luminaires are DesignLights Consortium approved and eligible for local utility energy efficiency and federal tax incentives. They are also CSA listed and tested in accordance to UL 8750/1598. For more information on Sensity products, please visit About Light Sensory NetworksAn LSN is a digital sensor network that uses cloud services to leverage sensor- and network-enabled lights. An LSN takes advantage of LED lighting conversions to improve energy efficiency and transform light owners’ luminaires into strategic assets. With Sensity’s NetSense LSN platform, LED luminaires become sensor-equipped, solid-state, smart devices capable of capturing and transmitting sensory big data from the surrounding environment. About Sensity SystemsSensity Systems uses energy-efficient LED lighting as the foundation for a high-speed, sensor-based Light Sensory Network (LSN). The company enables light owners to capitalize on the LED conversion process by embedding networking technology within both retrofit and new LED luminaires. With Sensity’s open, multiservice NetSense platform, lighting owners are able to reduce energy costs and implement a variety of SensApps applications and services, including public safety, environmental and weather monitoring, parking management and retail analytics.

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