Lynk Labs and Thomas Research Products plan to co-develop low-voltage and direct-mains AC LED devices

Nov. 7, 2013
Date Announced: 07 Nov 2013 Elgin, Illinois -- Lynk Labs Inc., a pioneer in AC LED technology, has formed a strategic partnership with Thomas Research Products, a leading supplier of LED drivers and light engines to the OEM market. Lynk and TRP are leveraging each other’s strengths to expand the availability of Lynk’s patented AC LED/HV LED (“AC LED technology”) to OEMs. According to Lynk, the companies are collaborating on design, engineering, product development and manufacturing resources, to deliver a broad range of OEM-friendly low-voltage and direct mains AC LED total solutions. The co-branded line will include AC LED COBs, modules and drive solutions. “Lynk Labs has invested substantial capital and time to create the AC LED industry. Since the days of the early LED and OLED conferences, AC has faced strong resistance from the DC LED community” said Chick Huber, Lynk Labs VP of Business Development. “Not only is AC LED now an established market segment, but one seeing rapid and substantial growth. We’re excited that this new partnership brings TRP's manufacturing strength and broad distribution reach to our AC LED offering.” AC LEDs from Lynk Labs now reach over 100 lm/w, delivering efficacies that compete with DC LED solutions in many cases. They are being designed into high volume lighting applications such as down lights and lamps. According to TRP, more OEMs are taking a closer look at AC LED technology as a solution for their product needs. The broad range of benefits the technology offers goes beyond simply reducing or eliminating a large power supply. “Lynk has the broadest and most diverse IP portfolio as well as product offering in the AC LED space, so we see this as an exciting opportunity to add to TRP’s total LED solution offering for OEMs” said Greg Andrews, VP Sales & Marketing at Thomas Research Products. “AC LED offers the most competitive solution for high reliability at price points that many lighting applications need to realize mass market adoption” said Andrews.Building on several years of increasingly successful implementation in general lighting sector applications, Lynk Labs continues to broaden its product offerings and grow the company’s IP portfolio surrounding AC LED technology. The new AC LED products made available through Lynk & TRP will include low voltage & high voltage, standard & custom, AC LED light sources and drive solutions. Some of which are available now on TRP’s website at www.trpssl.comAbout Lynk Labs, Inc. Founded in 1997, Lynk Labs Inc., headquartered in Elgin, Illinois is the leading developer and manufacturer of patented AC LED technology and provides AC LED devices, modules and drive solutions to lighting OEMs worldwide for any AC voltage lighting application. Lynk Labs also offers other LED technology based intellectual property licensing solutions for the mobile device, monitor or TV display markets.

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