Solar-powered LED lighting experts help thousands via LEDtronics' Global Citizenship program

Nov. 5, 2013
Date Announced: 05 Nov 2013 Barefoot Basketball, Pehli Kiran and other initiatives inspire nation-building at http://www.gcitizenship.comTorrance, CA – The solar-powered LED lighting experts at America’s LEDtronics® Inc. introduced their nation-building Global Citizenship initiatives, including Barefoot Basketball and Pehli Kiran, via their new site at LEDtronics’ Global Citizenship provides impoverished families worldwide with opportunities for better health, safety, education, and more via donations processed through the American Fund for Human Development (AFHD), a nonprofit 501c3 Organization – IRS Tax-Exempt ID #20-1339408.“We are taking our thirty-plus years of experience and expertise in the LED industry and using it to help those in need around the world,” states Pervaiz Lodhie, Global Citizenship Co-founder. “Through our nation-building initiatives, we provide the underprivileged with hope and opportunity for better lives. Doing so not only leads to socio-economic development in their area, but also to a stronger, closer and better world for all.”Solar-powered LED lighting initiative, Barefoot Basketball, helps thousandsLack of light after sunset in hundreds of impoverished villages is leading to displaced youths moving towards drugs, gangs and crime. Because of this, Pervaiz Lodhie, LEDtronics CEO and LED lighting pioneer, Masood Lohar, United Nations Pakistan Country Director, and Shahid Siddique, Shaan Technologies Plant Manager (a division of LEDtronics), started Barefoot Basketball in May 2012. This initiative provides basketball half-courts with solar-powered LED lighting to rural, poverty-stricken villages worldwide. “The idea behind the basketball courts was to encourage the youth with values like teamwork and physical exercise, instead of heading down the wrong path towards drugs, gangs and crime,” states Siddique. “I personally feel that this initiative directly or indirectly helps in better interaction among the different clans who normally avoid contact, thus working as a catalyst for nation-building.” “The lights that we implemented were meant for the Barefoot Basketball courts, but technically, they have become a meeting point for all of the community members,” states Lohar. “Now, children read and do their homework, elders discuss various matters, and women do embroidery and complete their chores under the cool light at the basketball courts.”So far, over 300 families have benefited from the initial program with new opportunities to better their health, education, income, team-building, and more. A Barefoot Basketball Grand Tournament with teams from more than five locations is scheduled for December 2013.Pehli Kiran, or “First Ray of Light,” Distributes and Maintains Solar-Powered LED Lighting for the PoorWorking through Shaan Technologies, the Pehli Kiran initiative provides simple, solar-powered LED lanterns (approximately $2.33 each) to impoverished villagers. So far, Pehli Kiran has helped over 1450 impoverished families: - Save a total of about $10,000.00 immediately from switching to solar-charged light;- Increase yearly income by an expected $454,000.00 with a total expected increase of over $2.2 million (based on a five-year or more life expectancy of the LEDs); and- Improve safety, health, community involvement, hunger, and more!“Pehli Kiran gives poverty-stricken families freedom from darkness, illiteracy, poverty, hunger, and disease, and Barefoot Basketball is successfully inspiring children and improving nation-building through team sports.” states Lodhie. “But this is just the beginning. With the launch of our Global Citizenship website and social media venues, we hope more people will learn about these charitable programs, make donations and help impoverished families worldwide lead better lives.”To learn more about Global Citizenship visit - - – - About LEDtronics, Inc.The pioneer of LED lights and lighting products for all major industries, Pervaiz Lodhie, founded LEDtronics, Inc. in 1983 with his wife, Almas. Since then, LEDtronics, Inc. has been the leader in designing and manufacturing environmentally-friendly, low-power usage, long-life LED bulbs and LED lamps to replace incandescent bulbs. The company is a certified GSA and Minority-Owned Small Business and has grown into one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative LED lights, lamps, clusters, and arrays. LEDtronics now employs over 300 people with sales representatives worldwide and prides itself on delivering LED lighting solutions and products of consistently high quality to exceed customer expectations. For more information, call us at (800) 579-4875 or visit

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