MechaTronix's ModuLED Xtra and IceLED Xtra devices help cool LED modules from top suppliers

Nov. 11, 2013
Date Announced: 11 Nov 2013 “The whole idea of developing the ModuLED Xtra and IceLED Xtra LED coolers was to create a limited number of products which fitted with all the newest LED modules and COB’s which came on the market in the last year” according Ken Yang, Chief Designer at MechaTronix.“Bridgelux came out with the Vero LED modules, Philips Lumileds created a whole family of Luxeon COB’s, Vossloh Schwabe developed a new 10.000 lumen high bay LED engine with the Luga Industrial, and that’s just 10% of all the new developments our ECO partners reported us in the last twelve months. Also a lot of new ECO partners applied for making standard LED heat sinks for them, like GE for their Infusion series, LG Innotek, Lustrous, TSMC...Making dedicated standard LED coolers for each of those separately would probably take us two years, and by that time the LED world would look already completely different.”The ModuLED Xtra passive LED coolers come in 50 and 80 millimeter height and give a cooling performance for spot and down light designs from 700 lumen up to 4000 lumen.The IceLED Xtra 550 is a fan cooled model which performs up to 10.000 lumen or 100 watts of heat dissipation, while the IceLED Xtra Ultra goes up all the way to 20.000 lumenWith a weight of just 400 grams designers can make major improvements on the overall weight of their high and low bay designsThe modularity of the ModuLED and IceLED designs are reached through making all the needed mounting holes immediately in the extrusion profileIn this way the LED modules can be mounted without any after work by self-tapping screwsBelow list gives an overview of all LED COB’s and LED modules which are standard foreseen on this “Xtra” series:- Zhaga Book 2 compliant LED engines Megaman Teco, Philips Fortimo TDLM and Tridonic Talexx Stark DLE twist- Zhaga book 3 compliant LED Spot Light modules Edison Edilex SLM, Osram PrevaLED, Philips Fortimo SLM, Tridonic Talexx Stark SLE, Vexica Lumaera and Vossloh Schwabe Luga Shop- LED COB's for which Zhaga book 3 LED holders are available: Bridgelux ES rectangular LED array, Citizen CitiLED CL-L030, CL-L032, CL-L040, CL-L042, Cree XLamp CXA18xx, CXA25xx, CXA30xx, Edison Opto HM16 and HM30, LG Lighting MCP 10-24W, Osram Soleriq E30, Philips Lumileds Luxeon 1204, 1205 and 1208, Luxeon K12 and K16, Prolight Opto PABA 10-50W, Sharp Mega Zenigata and Tiger Zenigata, Tridonic Talexx Stark LES 17- Zhaga Book 5 compliant LED engines GE Infusion LED modules M1000, M1500, M2000, M3000, M4500 - Zhaga Book 6 compliant LED engines Toshiba E-Core LED Light Engine LED LEV11 and LEV16- Bridgelux Vero 13, 18 and 29 LED engines- Edison Opto SD, HS, HV and HR COB series- Lustrous X5, DX5, TX5 and XL5 COB series- Philips Lumileds Luxeon 1204, 1205 and 1208 COB series- Prolight Opto PABA COB seriesWith regards to thermal performance MechaTronix runs thermal validation programs from each brand and LED package in combination with the LED cooler and publishes this data onlineIn this way the lighting designer has immediately an accurate idea of the temperature the Tc/Tp point will reach in his design, what can save a tremendous amount of time during the design stageDetailed datasheets of the new ModuLED Xtra, IceLED Xtra and IceLED Xtra Ultra can be found on the corporate MechaTronix website www.led-heatsink.comSamples can be received through the worldwide distributor networkABOUT MECHATRONIXMechaTronix was founded as a creative designer & manufacturer of high end mechanical plastic & metal parts. With its Asia-based headquarters in Kaohsiung Taiwan, MechaTronix became a powerhouse at designing and manufacturing heat sinks and thermal solutions for OEM and LED lighting applications.Strategic partnerships with major LED manufacturers and sharing our thermal knowledge with their luminairedesigners are our core missions.Simple passive cooling, advanced heat pipe technology or active cooling solutions?MechaTronix offers of the shelf and tailored solutions to its worldwide professional customer base. For more information about the company, please visit:

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