Yuehsin Electronics opens new lighting dimension with CCT-adjustable luminaires

Nov. 25, 2013
Date Announced: 25 Nov 2013 Yuehsin Electronics, a Kaohsiung, Taiwan based lighting manufacturer, proudly presents the first member of the Regulus smart lighting series, a downlight with brightness and color temperature adjustment capability.“We have been in the lighting business for 27 years, designing and manufacturing bulbs of all kinds throughout most of our history. With the rise of LED, we are going to expand beyond bulbs.” announced the company's chairman Wu Chao Ling.The first generation of these new downlights features a DMX-512 interface, allowing easy and comfortable access through both hardware and software-centric control devices. The luminaires open a new dimension in lighting flexibility: So far light sources could be dimmed, their brightness adjusted to their surroundings. Now however even the color temperature can be chosen, freely set to anywhere within a wide range, from sharp cold to pleasantly warm white light. Thanks to this feature, the same light sources can be activated to serve different requirements.This product release marks a turning point for the company, starting to develop product lines beyond consumable or retrofit light sources. Yuehsin Electronics thinks that the potential provided by LED technology has yet to be fully explored and sees the new product line as another step into the undiscovered land of new LED opportunities.Applications for the new products range from living areas and shops to restaurants and hotels.Where ever through the course of a day or over longer terms a need for a different color temperature arises, installation of at least two sets of light sources had been necessary. With the new Regulusluminaires, only one set is needed, while at the same time offering far more flexibility.

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