Downlights Direct encourages consumers to switch to LED lighting to reduce residential energy usage

Nov. 18, 2013
Date Announced: 18 Nov 2013 A leading Lancashire electrical company is urging consumers to switch their bulbs before switching their suppliers.As people prepare for a cold winter and rising electricity bills, Downlights Direct director Chris Horridge said small changes around the home can make a big difference."Instead of shopping around to find the cheapest energy providers, look around your home first and try to identify where you can make a saving."It may seem obvious, but simply changing to new low energy light bulbs can impact heavily on your electricity bills."Horridge was talking following the news in October that four of the six largest UK energy suppliers had increased their bills by 9.1 per cent on average.Consumers can now expect an average dual-fuel bill of £1320 a year, according to the BBC.He said switching to energy-saving light sources like LEDs (light-emitting diodes) can save consumers hundreds of pounds a year."According to the Energy Saving Trust, lighting is around eight per cent of an average UK household's electricity bill."This figure will be much higher if your house is filled with 50W halogen bulbs."LEDs use 80-90 per cent less energy than conventional halogen and incandescent light bulbs and can last up to 40 times longer."He said the average life expectancy of an LED was around 40,000 hours and if only used for three hours a day they would last for 34 years."LEDs are fast becoming a popular alternative to other energy-saving light bulbs, like compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and halogen."CFL can take up to two minutes to achieve full brightness, whereas LEDs are instantaneous."Upgrading to LED into existing halogen sockets is very easy as many LEDs are now the same physical size and shape as halogen bulbs."The starting price for a high quality GU10 LED bulb from Downlights Direct is £7.19.Downlights Direct also provide an online energy-saving calculator for people looking to discover how much they could save by switching.

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