Highyan Technology develops 300° LED tube light

Nov. 5, 2013
Date Announced: 05 Nov 2013 After 1 year’s study and development, highyan technology came out the world’s first 300° beam angle LED tube light, a breakthrough in the present beam angle of LED tube light.1. Beam angle of 280-300, extends the range of illuminated area, better suited for the requirement of indoor three-dimensional lighting design.2. International original LED chip has the advantages of high quality, no discoloration, high CRI, good light efficiency.3. Patented second optical, no overlapping shadow, no flashing,no glare, light is even and soft.4. High quality and special PC cover, made from unique ratio of diffusing particles, light transmittance is over 90%.5. Independent research and development of power driver, good at stability, high efficiency, long life, better energy-saving.6. No need for starter, instant lighting, suitable for places of frequent switching.7. Easy installation, directly replaces traditional lamps, save cost and time, reduces repairs/maintenance.8. No UV and IR radiation, no insects attracting.9. Low electromagnetic, lower risk to humans.10. Low temperature, reduces the air conditioning costs.11. Without lead, mercury and other hazardous substances, lamp is environmentally friendly and recyclable.12. Pass RoHS, PSE, CE and other international approvals.

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