MHA Lighting helps Corrugated Case Company to halve lighting energy costs and CO2 production

Nov. 4, 2013
Date Announced: 04 Nov 2013 Corrugated Case Company (CCC), a leading independent corrugated box manufacturer is revolutionising its factory with British made LED lighting. With the help of Greater Manchester-based lighting manufacturer, MHA Lighting, CCC is set to save over £60,000 on its lighting energy bills and over 140 Tonnes of Co2 by switching to LED.The savings will be achieved over the 29 year lifespan of the lighting solution, giving average annual cost savings of £2,360. With over 200 of customers reliant on CCC to provide them with superior corrugated transit packaging and promotional material, it was imperative that light quality and uniformity were high quality so as to aid precision working. Adopting LED lighting forms part of the forward-thinking corrugated box manufacturer’s strategy to improve light levels in its factory, whilst reducing on-going lighting energy costs. Mark Wilcockson, managing director of CCC said, “Having recently invested well over £500,000 in new printing and die-cutting machinery at our factory, we also undertook a complete revision of our machinery layout. With more space and thanks to the greatly enhanced lighting, we are now looking to increase our production capacity by some 20 per cent.” With its low-energy luminaires and proven ability to design bespoke, precision lighting solutions, MHA Lighting was chosen to replace all the existing fluorescent fittings in CCC’s factory.After trialling various fittings to find luminaires that would deliver significant reductions in lighting energy costs, whilst providing optimal light colour and uniformity – low energy LED Luminaires from MHA Lighting’s CLite range were chosen that supplied 85CRI and 4500 kelvin colour temperature. This particular combination can significantly enhance the working environment, which also aids precision working, contributing to a greater feeling of wellbeing amongst the staff.The project saw a total of 33 C120/700 fittings installed in CCC’s factory – reducing annual lighting energy consumption from 34,545kW/h (annual cost of £4,094) to just 16,558kW/h, saving £2,132. Annual energy bills will therefore be reduced by an average of £1,962.MHA Lighting is also set to achieve a reduction in Co2 production of 51% in the factory. This equates to product lifetime Co2 savings of 142 Tonnes.Mark Wilcockson, managing director of CCC, continued: “The installation went really well and our operators have all noted the overall improvement in general lighting throughout the site. We are very happy with our decision to invest in the lighting system from MHA.”Due to the lighting system’s design and high-reliability, the units will run maintenance free for 66,000 hours of continuous use. With CCC’s current operating hours of 42 hours a week, 50 weeks per year – the fittings offer a useful lifetime of 15 years. Throughout life they require no routine maintenance, saving CCC an average of £230 during products’ lifetime. This takes overall savings for this project to £67,764.The installation has fully serviced warranty of ten years. The life of the driver used to power the units is 66,000 hours and after the useful life of the Philips LED (60,000 hours), CCC will have a further 6,000 hours in which to determine whether to refurbish or replace the lights.About Corrugated Case Company (CCC) Started in 1996, Chesterfield-based Corrugated Case Company is an independent cardboard box manufacturer specialising in the design and manufacture of corrugated cardboard and fibreboard transit packaging and promotional material.For further information, please visit: About MHA Lighting MHA Lighting is an award-winning lighting manufacturer based in Greater Manchester. MHA Lighting is the only LED manufacturer to shine light sideways into encapsulation avoiding direct contact with the eye and providing a safe and efficient light output. They also use acrylic rods to amplify and control the light output, reducing the number of LEDs required. This means they can use high power LEDs, draw less current and have no need to diffuse the output. Their patented lighting technology uses two-thirds of the energy of other LED competitors. For more information, please visit: late 2010 MHA has built a portfolio of Blue Chip commercial clients and public sector organisations, including: Capital Shopping Centres, GlaxoSmithKline, Scott Safety (A Tyco company), the NHS, Birmingham NEC, Greater Manchester Police, Manchester Airport Group, Newcastle Airport, Budgens, SPAR, Londis, Local Authorities and Chevron-Texaco.

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