Campo outdoor indirect luminaire from HessAmerica is now available with LEDs

Nov. 4, 2013
Date Announced: 04 Nov 2013 New product introduction: Campo 450 LED - iconic outdoor indirect pole- and wall-mount luminaire now available with LED light sources.Product design: German architect Klaus Begasse. Manufacturer: HessAmerica, U.S. subsidiary of Hess Germany. Product applications: Campo 450 LED is well suited for “feature spaces” where contemporary architectural outdoor lighting design, very low LED power consumption, and long trouble-free operating life is sought. Applications include casinos, corporate campuses, entertainment venues, hospitality, and upscale malls and retail establishments.Product Description: Campo 450 LED outdoor indirect luminaire embodies energy-saving design with a nod to early lighting of the Industrial Age, given its finned housing, support struts, and distinctive “sail.” Exposed hardware of stainless steel, and anodized machined aluminum components, serve as functional accents. Campo 450 LED is available as a pole mount, in single or twin configurations, or as a wall luminaire with single mounting arm. Units may be specified with standard- or high-output LED light engines, in a choice of warm or neutral color temperatures, at a high CRI of 80. Two COB (Chip on Board) LEDs positioned within a specular anodized aluminum base reflector project light upward onto a distinctive, adjustable vertical “sail” reflector. This matte anodized secondary reflector with ribbed profile diffuses and redirects light downward where wanted.A standard output LED model consumes just twenty-eight watts, yet produces equivalent illumination to its 150-watt ceramic metal-halide predecessor. The high-output version delivers an additional fifty percent increase in light output at fifty-two watts, for applications requiring higher illumination levels.A retrofit kit is available to convert existing metal-halide models to LED technology in the field or shop.Construction and finishes: Campo 450 LED luminaire housing, door frame, support struts, and sail are cast aluminum. Machined aluminum sail adjustment knobs and associated components are satin anodized. The lens is clear, tempered glass. All hardware is stainless steel.The standard light engine has a drive current of 350 mA; the high-output variant is 700 mA. The electronic universal LED driver has a power-factor rating greater than 95% and accepts 120 through 277 input voltage.Pole-mounted Campo luminaires have 13-ft. round tapered poles in steel or aluminum. Steel poles are hot-dip galvanized prior to painting, for long-term corrosion resistance. Wall mount brackets are fabricated from steel, then hot-dip galvanized prior to painting. Standard color is finely textured matte silver-grey metallic. Special colors available on request.Ordering information: Literature and specifications for the Campo 450 LED, or other original Hess European-design outdoor architectural energy-saving lighting products, are available by contacting authorized HessAmerica professional independent lighting sales representatives at

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