Grasp Lighting Group installs ATG LED tubes in old T12 office location

Jan. 25, 2013
Date Announced: 25 Jan 2013 Grasp today installed 4' ATG Electronics LED tubes in place of old T12 37W fluorescents. The new LED tube is 18W and foot candles increased. Test will go for less than 2 weeks while the building owner marvels that the new tube puts out so much lights and lasts so long and that his maintenence issues are finished for the next 10 plus years. This is a 4 story office facility with 600 T12 tubes that will probably be replaced with 300+ ATG E58i G5 3000K. Less tubes and less energy and zero maintenance. Now this works and if the project was any "greener" the power company would have to mail money back to the owner said CEO and Founder of GRASP, Peter V. Baker.

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