GlacialLight LED troffer light with a patented mounting solution - GL-TL0606

Jan. 24, 2013
Date Announced: 24 Jan 2013 - Energy-efficient indoor ceiling lighting for hanging, on-ceiling and in-ceiling mounting -Taipei, Taiwan - GlacialLight, a division of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., has announced the new recessed GL-TL0606 LED Troffer Light with embedded driver, which has now joined the company's popular range of LED lighting products. GL-TL0606 is available with either a 30W or 50W AC-input and has a highly adjustable patented mounting solution.Thanks to its configurable patented mounting solution, GL-TL0606 can be used in a variety of global usage contexts. This LED troffer light can be hung from the ceiling using a wire, mounted on the ceiling, or placed in a t-bar grid. By using the integrated extenders of GL-TL0606, the width of the light fixture can also be extended from 595 x 595mm to 600 x 600mm, which ensures a secure positioning of the troffer light in most common t-bar grid standards.This environmentally-friendly and power saving LED troffer light, GL-TL0606, can be easily installed for indoor office and retail space applications. As it is only 40mm deep and light-weight (3.3Kg) it can be installed on most ceilings. Typical usages of this LED troffer light include hospitals, airports, offices, supermarkets, stores, and most other commercial, and retail locations.As GL-TL0606 comes with an embedded LED driver, it can be easily connected with a wire to an AC connector without requiring the use of tools or any additional configuration inside the light fixture. Further, replacing the entire troffer light fixture is simpler than just installing LED lamps inside an older fluorescent light fixture. This is due to the fact that the starter has to be removed and the ballast needs to be bypassed by adding an extra wire.Three color temperature variants of GL-TL0606 are available. All color temperature versions have an input voltage range of 100V to 240V AC and provide illumination with a 110° beam angle.GL-TL0606 brings with it a large improvement in luminous efficacy and luminous flux when compared to T8 or T5 fluorescent fixtures. The luminous efficacy of GL-TL0606 is up to 82lm/W, ca. 150% improvement from T8 fixtures (33lm/W) and ca. 70% improvement from T5 fixtures (48lm/W). The luminous flux of GL-TL0606-CW is 4100lm, considerably higher than that of T8 fixtures (2400lm) and T5 fixtures (3000lm).GlacialLight will continuously launch updates of its LED Troffer Light series with the latest technology. By the end of 2013, luminous efficacy of new models will increase up to 100lm/W, double the luminous efficacy of comparable T5 fluorescent fixtures. The manufacturing cost of these GL-TL0606 lights will be similar to that of T5 fluorescent fixtures. The lighting industry is finally migrating to the LED era.“I am convinced that the new GlacialLight Troffer Light series will become a mainstream office and commercial lighting solution in 2013 as the move to LED lighting continues.” - Shawn Hsieh, Chairman of GlacialLight. Features of GL-TL0606 LED Troffer Light with Embedded Drivers- Smooth and elegant profile design- Adaptable mounting options enable modification for specific needs- Hanging, on-ceiling and in-ceiling mounting options- Width can be extended from 595 x 595mm to 600 x 600mm- Power usage options include 30W and 50W- Luminous Efficacy of up to 82lm/W- Less power consumption compared to Fluorescent Lamps- RoHS compliant, No Mercury, IR or UV light radiation- 2 year manufacturer's warrantyRead more about this new product in GlacialLight's website: LED lighting products you can trustThe design of LED lighting products is based on three core technologies including: electrical design (LED drivers), mechanical design (cooling devices), and optical design (lamp holders), respectively performed by GlacialPower, GlacialTech, and GlacialLight in the GlacialTech family. With these three core technologies in hand, GlacialTech has integrated all the resources required for exceptional designs, and is able to manufacture excellent LED lighting products that you can trust.About GlacialLightGlacialLight, the lighting division of GlacialTech, manufactures LED lighting solutions for indoor/outdoor applications and both residential and commercial uses. As well as having a wide range of finished LED lighting products, GlacialLight also offers its clients the option of customizing products for specific needs. Please visit the company homepage at

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