Lynk Labs reaches 100 lm/W with new AC LED technology

Jan. 16, 2013
Date Announced: 16 Jan 2013 Lynk Labs Inc., the industry leader in patented AC LED technology from circuits to systems has reached a new milestone in AC LED technology performance and developed a 120Vac SnapBriteTM module that delivers 100 lm/w with the ability to warm in CCT on dimming like an incandescent lamp. “The new 120Vac direct SnapBrite SR114 module delivers 2000 hot lumens at 3800K with 83 CRI and reaches only 650C Tc (850C Tj) in 250C ambient” said Chick Huber “VP Business Development” at Lynk Labs. The 100 lm/w result includes all the required drive and protection circuitry to run the module direct from the mains” said Huber. The new patented AC LED circuit and drive method technology uses two or more high Vf parallel circuit channels with either different CCT’s such as cool and warm or LED colors such as 4000K and amber or red. The 20W SR114 module uses standard mid power Epistar die in 2 channels. One channel is 4000K and the other is 2200K. The SR114 provides a 1200 beam patterns and is ideal for high brightness down lights, flush mounts, ceiling fans and other fixtures. The module includes all the drive circuitry, mains protections and releasable WAGO connectors making it a very elegant, rapid design solution. Lynk is planning to introduce several new products at Strategies In Light 2013 next month that use the improved 100 lm/w efficacy of these AC LEDs. Several new high efficacy modules and COBs for lamps and fixtures will also be available with and without the warming CCT feature based on the target application for the end products according to Lynk. “Since Lynk Labs first pioneered the AC LED industry back in 2002, the technology has required a significant push into the market by Lynk, Epistar and Seoul Semiconductor. In the past year however, the benefits of AC LEDs for improving system cost, reliability, infrastructure compatibility and form factor have become obvious to lighting manufacturers around the world” said Mike Miskin, CEO at Lynk Labs. Now that we have reached 100 lm/w plug top efficiency with incandescent quality dimming, AC LEDs can fill the need for cost sensitive, form factor challenged lighting applications with high system efficiency” said Miskin.

Lynk Labs