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Jan. 7, 2013
Date Announced: 07 Jan 2013 New cost effective one-optic solution for emergency exit route lights. Exit routes need to be efficiently lit in order to evacuate buildings safely. Escape route lighting fixtures are often powered with built-in backup batteries in case of power supply failures. EN 1838 standard demands that emergency lighting must stay lit for at least an hour after power supply failure. This sets high demands for the power consumption and efficiency of the fixture. LEDiL’s new EMERALD optic answers just these demands. It is designed to be a one-LED, one-optic solution for exit route lighting. With EMERALD’s extremely wide beam distribution it’s possible to achieve EN 1838 compliant lighting for installation height to distance ratios up to and beyond 1:7.Extended illumination range and single LED design reduces costs of the fixture and installation significantly.FEATURES and BENEFITS•Designed for lighting of the emergency exit routes according EN 1838 Emergency lighting standard•Standard compliant with installation height to distance ratios up to and beyond 1:7•Extremely wide beam distribution with tight cut off in vertical direction•Lighting fixtures can be made very small and unnoticeable•Compatible with various lighting class LEDs manufactured by Cree, Osram, Nichia or Philips Lumileds.Technical specifications•Diameter: 21.6 mm•Height: 6,9 mm•Efficiency 94%•Easy and accurate mounting with positioning pins•Easy installing with optional adhesive tape•Extremely wide batwing light distribution•Precision-molded from optical grade PMMA – UL94 HB rated material with operating rating -40°C to +100°CSimulated applicationIn the illustration below escape route lights are mounted in the ceiling at 3 meter height and spaced along the route 21 meters apart. Illuminance level in yellow marked area exceeds 1 lx EN 1838 standard’s requirement for the emergency escape route lighting.For more information, download LEDiL’s application note of the EN 1838 compliant emergency lighting solution from LEDiL website.Link: http://www.ledil.com/sites/default/files/Documents/Application%20notes/appnote_en1838_emergency_exit_route_lighting.pdfAbout LEDiL:The only true specialist in the field of secondary optics for high-power and lighting-class LEDs, LEDiL has been producing precision-engineered optics and reflectors since 2002 and now boasts over 1300 standard products optimized for use with LEDs produced by the world’s prominent LED manufacturers. Custom solutions are also commonly developed with minimal end-user tooling investment required. With production in Finland and China and a global network of authorized distributors, LEDiL’s products are market-competitive and readily available. LEDiL – turning light into lighting.Visit our website http://www.ledil.com for more information.

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