Philips LED Line Cover 2ft soft-diffuse creates high quality diffuse white light for Fortimo LED Line systems

Jan. 15, 2013
Date Announced: 15 Jan 2013 Eindhoven, the Netherlands – The Philips LED Line Cover 2ft soft-diffuse is the answer to creating diffuse light in open louvre luminaires such as 600x600 recessed. The LED Line Cover creates a visibly better result with high quality, diffuse, homogeneous white light produced by LED line systems. Besides the creation of diffuse light the usage of the LED Line Cover offers two other benefits. It creates a barrier to the LED board and therefore protects the high voltage system from being touched. This enables luminaire manufacturers to release a European Class I luminaire without making a closed luminaire. Furthermore, the cover protects against dust and insects preserving the LEDs for longer. Epco Berger, Product Manager LED Linear systems Philips OEM Light Sources & Electronics EMEA, comments: ”this relatively easy but ingeneous accessory for Fortimo LED line systems is very beneficial for the overall performance and quality of the light within open applications. And as it is so easy to install there is no reason for luminaire manufacturers not to design it into various luminaires from office recessed, surface mounted, to trunking and batten applications.”The Philips LED Line Cover 2ft soft –diffuse as well as the Fortimo LED Line systems 1R, 2R and 3R are commercially available. Additional information can be found at

Astrid Jacobs Philips OEM Light Sources & Electronics EMEA

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