Noribachi partners with IntelEnergy to offer comprehensive energy reduction service

Jan. 3, 2013
Date Announced: 03 Jan 2013 Noribachi, a premier US based custom LED lighting and engineering firm, announces a new energy reduction service through a collaboration with IntelEnergy LLC, a leading energy solutions company. A strategic partnership allows Noribachi and IntelEnergy to develop a comprehensive analysis as well as implement upgrades for customers’ energy use. The innovative service provides upgrades for a facility’s lighting, HVAC, system motors, and electrical distribution system, improving the efficiency in all areas and in many cases reducing over 30% of a facilities’ energy use.The holistic approach includes surveying, designing, and installing reliable energy saving technologies, including Noribachi’s leading custom LED lighting. Traditional lighting can account for over 40% of the energy used in a large building; upgrading with Noribachi custom LED solutions not only dramatically reduces energy consumption, but also improves the quality and brightness of light to create a more effective work environment. With every Noribachi LED solution qualified by the Design Lights Consortium, an organization that works with utility companies to identify exceptionally efficient lighting, many lighting upgrades can be subsidized through utility rebates.Noribachi’s expertise in custom designed LED solutions is augmented by IntelEnergy’s diverse knowledge and experience in improving additional energy consuming systems. Together Noribachi and IntelEnergy deliver a complete energy reduction service, backed with market leading LED products and industry proven technology and energy analysis. “Noribachi’s custom LED lighting is perfectly complimented by IntelEnergy’s energy use analytics. The ability to not only create an energy use report, but to go beyond and implement energy reduction measures with market-leading products creates an excellent, integrated service that will benefit any commercial customer” says Esther Santos, VP of Sales at Noribachi. After the successful completion of several U.S. federal government installations, Noribachi and IntelEnergy are excited to continue their collaboration. They have already begun work on multiple new energy reduction and lighting upgrade projects together.“It has been wonderful to work with Noribachi as a partner. They have proven capable of delivering premium, custom product with some of the shortest lead times I’ve seen. Their LED lights work exactly as they claim they will, which makes working with them a pleasure. Customers are awestruck by their new LED lighting; it’s just so much brighter than anything else,” says Steve Gerber, President of IntelEnergy LLC.ABOUT NORIBACHI:Noribachi is a premier, US based, LED lighting and engineering firm providing customized illumination solutions for any application.Embracing a hand crafted and modular approach for developing custom LED solutions, Noribachi drives the lighting industry forward with a dedication to thoughtful product design and the principles of efficient energy use.Noribachi LED solutions are independently tested and fully certified; over 1,000 installations for Fortune 500 companies, leading government agencies, and world-class hotels in the US and internationally attest to Noribachi’s enduring product quality.Noribachi is a privately held company with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Albuquerque, NM. For more information please visit INTELENERGY LLC:IntelEnergy is an Energy Efficiency maximization company focusing on improving the lighting, HVAC, and Building systems in existing commercial buildings. IntelEnergy’s facility wide approach applies proven and proprietary technologies in all building areas that are financially viable, allowing for a fast energy savings ROI with improved equipment reliability and reduced maintenance.IntelEnergy’s unique strategic partnership with industry leaders in electrical efficiency product manufacturers and heavy industrial power conditioning manufacturing/engineering companies allows IntelEnergy to channel expertise from different disciplines into a concerted effort to dramatically reduce a facilities energy consumption.All IntelEnergy energy efficiency installations are custom designed and based on the unique facilities’ characteristics and hours of operation. IntelEnergy installations use technology manufactured by our strategic partners, whom are industry leaders within their respective fields.IntelEnergy customers range from government “Mission Critical” facilities and agency headquarters where technical teams have worked with Secret Security clearance, to office buildings, manufacturing facilities, residential apartment high-rises, and condominium buildings.

Jeremy Martin

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