SemiLEDs announces power improvement for its EV-LED family

Jan. 15, 2013
Date Announced: 15 Jan 2013 SemiLEDs has announced power improvements in its EV-LED family, allowing single-chip emitters to achieve over 130lm/W. SemiLEDs announced its recent improvements in both epitaxial quality and chip process to its EV- family of LED chips. These improvements allowed a 10% increase in blue chip brightness and 8% decrease in forward voltage (Vf) during mass production, enabling its clients to achieve over 130lm/W with cool white and 110lm/W with warm white. The measurements were taken at 350mA.With Enhanced Vertical (EV) technology, SemiLEDs was able to increase brightness and lower defects with its new advancements in Epitaxial and Process Technology. Production monitoring showed an increase of 10% in the brightness distribution and improved leakage current yield. The EV technology not only increased the luminous output, but it also enabled a down shift of Vf distribution by 8%, increasing the efficiency by 6~8% at 350mA. “We are excited about the improvement. Our RD efforts have paid off to further strengthen SemiLEDs position in the LED market” Said Trung Doan, Chairman and CEO of SemiLEDs These improvements make SemiLEDs chips suitable for demanding directional applications such as street lighting, tunnel lighting and indoor retail lighting.

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