Future Lighting Solutions and Bright LED complete Carmel Center lighting project in Haifa

Jan. 8, 2013
Date Announced: 08 Jan 2013 Montreal, Canada – Future Lighting Solutions is pleased to announce the completion of a successful project with Bright LED, retrofitting new street luminaires in Carmel Center, one of Haifa’s busiest locations.The project marks the first step for the city of Haifa that, with a network of over 30,000 street lights, wanted to ‘go green’ while significantly reducing electricity and maintenance costs. “We are constantly working on improving our city and making Haifa more 'green' which is why we are very interested in the ecological and economic benefits of transitioning to LED lighting” said Eli Elkabetz, Director of Public Improvement Department, City of Haifa. Elkabetz added, “This is our first installation of LED street lights but surely not the last!”Bright LED, a developer and provider of advanced LED lighting solutions, worked closely with Future Lighting Solutions to replace the existing 250W fixtures with advanced Bright LED Street XS high-power luminaires. The new fixtures boast high efficiency LUXEON® Rebel ES LEDs, with a low-loss optical solution and driver, and a cutting edge heat dissipation solution. The thermal design creates a direct path between the LED and the heat sink to maintain very low junction temperatures. "It was a pleasure working with Future Lighting Solutions” said Rami Mirsky, CEO of Bright LED. “In the initial design stages Future Lighting Solutions technical experts helped Bright LED identify the most effective high-end LEDs and components needed to meet the high performance criteria of this project. They provided valuable advice regarding various design challenges and considerations always keeping in mind manufacturability and components availability for the expected high-volume manufacturing needs of this product."The luminaires also incorporate a fast mounting mechanism for simple installation, and easily interface with a remote control system that enables illumination profiles according to the time of day while monitoring performance, status warnings, and alarms. Various redundancy and protection mechanisms are also included to guarantee long life and minimize the chance of failure.“With these new street lights,” explained Shay Beyski, Regional Sales Manager for Future Lighting Solutions, “the city of Haifa has realized a dramatic improvement in light quality, at half of the electrical cost compared to before.”About Bright LED LtdBright LED provides innovative, modular LED Light Engines and Luminaires for the fast growing outdoor and high-power LED lighting market. Bright LED uses an interdisciplinary approach and proprietary innovations in the optical, thermal, electrical and the overall packaging and design aspects of their products. The result is superior performance, cost-effective and extremely energy efficient, long-lasting LED lamps.The company is supported by the Israel Electric Corporation (www.iel.co.il) and has agreements and cooperative relationships with additional market leaders. About Future Lighting SolutionsFuture Lighting Solutions is the leading provider of solid-state lighting technologies, engineering expertise and online simulation and design tools to facilitate application development and accelerate customers’ time to market. Our comprehensive portfolio includes a broad selection of LED system components, as well as integrated or customized solutions to enable cost effective, energy efficient lighting applications.From retrofitting bulbs to building LED systems from the ground up, we offer industry leading LEDs, optical solutions, power modules and ICs, passive and active thermal solutions, light engines, modular systems and remote phosphor technologies.Our world-class team of lighting experts, along with our global lighting resource centers, supply chain solutions and network of specialized partners, ensures the highest quality solid-state lighting solutions for customers.The company is a division of Future Electronics. For more information visit:www.FutureLightingSolutions.com.

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