Trumpro LEDs light up the factory floor of a top USA flooring product manufacturer

Jan. 25, 2013
Date Announced: 25 Jan 2013 “I have seen your lights at one of my friend’s plant,” called a plant manager, “and we are very interested in looking into it. If it does work, we like to initiate a project and put into the budget for next year.” As the short conversation went, we learned the potential customer is one of the top flooring product companies in USA with global operations. They have seen our lights in Black&Decker, and were very much impressed and would like us to put a proposal together for their China plant.Our engineers worked with the plant facility manager. The simulations went multiple times with multiple requirements and factors. Some areas required more lighting than what they currently have; some areas the lights must be placed in very tight spaces. Some areas need general lighting; some areas favor focused task lighting. The final refinement resulted in custom-made power rating and high bay industrial light fixture. The customer stands to harvest 59% of power savings against their current lighting power consumptions. By earlier 2012, the project was granted approval with very tight budget. The challenging in the monetary aspect required us not only to sharpen the pencils, but also redesign the lighting, both of which we did. Now the customer has been very pleased with the project. The lights have been there for eight months. Financially, the customer enjoys a 56% annualized ROI for the project and a payback time of less than 22 months. Given the current hours in operation, our LED lights are expected to last 8 years, which would mean a very pleasant 6 years of net savings on power consumption and a considerable sum of maintenance savings. Again and again, we win customer’s confidence and business by not only the good quality products, but also by our value proposition, by walking the extra miles to meet customer’s needs, and conducting ourselves with professionalism and integrity. Upon your request, we will-Listen to your needs and requirements, Address your concerns and offer practical solutions, -Enable you to have reasonable high ROI and short Pay pack financials, -Implement the solutions to the end,-Stand by for any after-installation needs and services.

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