GE LED channel letter lighting allows easier layout, faster installation

Jan. 18, 2013
Date Announced: 18 Jan 2013 East Cleveland, OH - Bright, uniform, reliable channel letter lighting is important to the brand image of countless businesses. Inconsistent or unlit elements can undermine customers' positive perceptions. With more than 20 million linear feet of Tetra® product installed worldwide, GE continues to provide business owners and sign makers with the easy-to-install, worry-free and dependable LED channel letter lighting systems they demand. "Professionals appreciate and specify GE LED sign lighting for more than its quality and reliability. They go with GE because we've designed the system to be fast and easy to install-from pre-drilled holes and industrial-grade mounting tape, to the flexibility to cut between any module," said Mark Shepard, global product manager for GE Lighting. "Our proven system offers the potential to save money not just in operation but on the installation."Tetra LED solutions stretch stroke spacing while maintaining impressive light uniformity in channel letters, meaning less product can be used in many cases.The TetraMAX channel letter portfolio includes miniMAX (small letters), MAX (medium) and PowerMAX (large) options to meet any need. With Tetra products, customers can typically use one string of LED modules where two strings were needed before. Though slightly less bright, the outstanding uniformity of GE's LED systems maintains impressive illumination across letter faces with fewer modules, meaning less cost in most cases. Take for example a typical five-inch depth capitol 'T' using 13-15 LED modules arranged in two rows. With Tetra, the same capitol 'T' can be properly lit using a single string of seven to eight Tetra modules. Both Tetra PowerMAX and Tetra MAX stretch spoke spacing to a remarkable 11 inches in a five-inch depth channel letter while Tetra miniMAX allows nine inches in a four-inch depth channel letter. This is thanks to GE's unique optical lens technology, OptiLens™, which optimizes LED performance by capturing otherwise wasted light and redirecting it towards the face of the channel letter, while at the same time protecting each LED against moisture, humidity and corrosion. And for signs that must shine brighter than the rest, GE offers a high-lumen Tetra MAX High Output option that is 53-percent brighter than the standard Tetra MAX system, but with the same layout instructions–reducing prep work and installation time for signage OEMs. GE also rigorously tests all Tetra designs, components, products and processes to ensure that every LED channel letter lighting system enhances customers' brands for years without the hassle and expense of repeated maintenance. For more information about Tetra and other LED sign lighting solutions from GE, visit

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