Dialight launches LED traffic signal modules with 15-year warranty

Aug. 12, 2013
Date Announced: 12 Aug 2013 Scottsdale, AZ – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the innovative leader in LED traffic signal technology, announced the release of their new ultra-efficient XL15 LED traffic signal modules backed by a 15-year full performance warranty. The company debuted the new modules July 20-23 at the 2013 International Municipal Signals Association’s Annual Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona in booth No. 402.The new LED traffic signal modules utilize Hi-Flux LED technology and a Dialight-designed power supply with enhanced thermal management integrated into the fixture — more than doubling the modules’ life. Consuming between seven to 12 Watts, the 12-inch red, yellow and green signal modules are extremely efficient compared to existing 20 Watt LED units and incandescent signals, which can use up to 150 Watts.“With many currently-used traffic signal modules well past their useful life of 10 years, cities and municipalities are now deciding where to go for their module replacements,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s group chief executive. “Dialight’s new integrated LED modules provide these groups an opportunity to enhance their traffic lighting systems with the most efficient and durable product on the market and keep peace of mind knowing they are supported by a full performance 15-year warranty.”Offered in clear or tinted hard-coated lenses, the new XL15 LED traffic signal modules are fully compliant with the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ (ITE) specifications — luminance and color uniformity, moisture intrusion, failed state impedance, transient suppression — while operating in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 74°C.The new 80-135V LED traffic signal modules are fully compatible with the existing traffic signal housings in the market and provide three-times the available warranty at a cost effective solution compared to existing LED modules.As a forerunner in LED technology, Dialight was the first major LED lighting supplier to sell traffic signal modules with the look of incandescent and maintains a large installed base of the traffic module market. With the increased efficiency of the new traffic signal modules, town and city districts can reduce or even eliminate the need for truck rolls, significantly reducing energy maintenance and costs.In addition to the IMSA conference, Dialight showcased the new XL15 integrated traffic signal modules at ITE’s Annual Meeting and Exhibit Aug. 4-7 in Boston, MA at booth No. 311. Engineers are also looking to meet the standards of the California Energy Commission in the near future.By offering the first innovation in traffic signal technology in well over a decade, Dialight continues to lead the way in providing more efficient, cost-effective and flexible options.

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