LG Chem to debut 55 lm/W bendable and 80 lm/W rigid OLED light panels

Aug. 1, 2013
Date Announced: 01 Aug 2013 LG Chem’s OLED Light Division has announced that it will launch a new line-up of OLED light panels over the second half of 2013. LG Chem’s portfolio will provide customers with various size options in configurations of 53x55mm, 100x100mm, 140x140mm, and 200x50mm. All of these panels will have an improved efficacy of 55~60lm/W and a CRI above 90. In addition to the previous LG Chem panels that were available in the color temperature of 4000K, the whole line-up will also be available in 3000K, expanding the CCT options for customers as well. Mass production of these new panels will be launched in August.By the fourth quarter, LG Chem will release the world’s first mass produced flexible (bendable) thin-glass type panels (210x50mm, 55lm/W). Also to be launched is the standard 100x100mm rigid panel with an efficacy of 80lm/W which makes these OLEDs ‘good enough’ for being applied to functional lighting.LG Chem’s OLED new panels are expected to open the door for developing new applications as well as unprecedented luminaire designs. And more importantly, they will bring OLEDs a step closer to being applied to the general lighting of today.

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