Sapa designs modular heat sinks to achieve thermal efficiency improvement of 8%

Aug. 7, 2013
Date Announced: 07 Aug 2013 Rosemont, IL — Sapa Extrusions North America has announced a breakthrough method in manufacturing high ratio air cooled extruded aluminum heat sinks that are approximately eight percent more thermally efficient than the industry standard.Created by Sapa’s North American Technical Center (NATC) — an internal research, design and development center that works to provide innovative solutions and products — the heat sink design leverages Sapa’s expertise in aluminum extrusion manufacturing and Friction Stir Welding (FSW) technology, a technique that joins flush metal surfaces through the mechanical action of a rotating tool. The patent pending new method utilizes a modular concept that enables maximum flexibility with fin geometry, fin ratio and heat sink footprint. Not only does this method allow for the production of large-scale heat sinks up to 20" in width, it is also well-suited for serial production, making these types of heat sinks a competitive product in the marketplace.“This has been an exciting process, as we’re now able to achieve heat sink ratios in excess of 40:1 where we were previously restricted to ratios of 16:1 based on extrusion limitations,” said Steve Jackson, business development manager of Thermal Management at Sapa Extrusions North America. “As a result, we’re able to offer customers an improved product that will provide cost savings, a decrease in lead time and a solution that meets a range of requirements.”In order to develop the manufacturing method, Sapa conducted a study comparing the Sapa NATC designed FSW aluminum heat sink to a heat sink with bonded fins. The study involved experimental testing to benchmark thermal performance of both extruded aluminum heat sinks during forced convection.Sapa plans to use this new method to manufacture heat sinks for the power and LED street light markets.About SapaSapa Extrusions North America is part of the Sapa Group, the world’s largest aluminum profile producer. Sapa is represented in Europe, Asia and North America with 16 locations in the United States and Canada. Further information can be found at Sapa is a registered trademark of Sapa AB.

Steve Jackson Business Development Manager, Thermal Management, Sapa Extrusions North America [email protected]

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