BlackJack Lighting uses rows of 0.33W LEDs in new GRID Series decorative fixtures

Aug. 12, 2013
Date Announced: 12 Aug 2013 The best LED lighting design should make the most of LED light sources. Designer Stephen Blackman’s GRID SERIES™ is that kind of design.LEDs are small “point” light sources that send light in a straight direction. With its rows of 0.33W LEDs that form a pleasing decorative pattern, the super thin GRID SERIES™ by BlackJack Lighting capitalizes on that technology. Available as a flush mount, a sconce and a 2 or 3-panel bath vanity, the GRID SERIES™ is offered in a choice of cool or warm light temperatures and features a specialty designed acrylic diffuser that prevents glare.The GRID SERIES™ Flush Mount delivers 47 watts and measures 16”W x16”L X 2.29”D to deliver an ideal solution for ceiling mount or ambient illumination in hallways, stairwells or corridors. The GRID SERIES™ Sconce provides a compact, vertically mounted 12W LED fixture that is ADA compliant measuring only 13.9”H x 5.25”W x 2.39”D. The GRID SERIES™ Panel Vanity offers a choice of a 2 (24W) or 3 (35W) LED panel fixture that can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. The Panel Vanity is only 2.39” in depth, 5.25” in height and measure either 22.6”W (2-panel) or 34.6”W (3-panel). Each fixture in the GRID SERIES™ comes standard in a brushed aluminum anodized finish, instant on/off, and is dimmable.The GRID SERIES™ is another offering of BlackJack Lightings Studio Series, which provides smart; value priced lighting solutions for home, work and play. Available through fine lighting showrooms and online retailers nationwide. For a complete listing visit – GRID SERIES™ features:- Multiple rows of LED light sources form a pleasing decorative pattern while providing bright, even illumination - Exceptionally thin profile, brushed aluminum anodized finish - Available in 2700K (Warm White) or 4000K (Cool White), both with CRI of 80 - A specially designed acrylic diffuser prevents glare - Instant on/off; dimmable with TRIAC dimmer (120V-50/60Hz AC) - High-efficient light source - LED efficacy of 126 lumens per Watt (4000K) - ETL ListedFlush-mount:- 16.0”W x 16.0”L x 2.29”H [40.6cm x 40.6cm x 5.8cm]- Available in Cool and Warm White- 47W (dimmable)- Approx. fixture output: 3616 lumens (4000K) Sconce:- 13.9”H x 5.25”W x 2.39”D [35.4cm x 13.3cm x 6.1cm] - Available in Cool and Warm White- 12W (dimmable) - Meets ADA requirements- Approx. fixture output: 904 lumens (4000K) 3-panel vanity
- 34.6”W x 5.25”H x 2.39”D [87.9cm x 13.3cm x 6.1cm]- Available in Cool and Warm White- 35W (dimmable)- Approx. fixture output: 2712 lumens (4000K) 2-panel vanity- 22.6”W x 5.25”H x 2.39”D [57.5cm x 13.3cm x 6.1cm]- Available in Cool and Warm White - 24W (dimmable)- Approx. fixture output: 1808 lumens (4000K)About BlackJack LightingBlackJack Lighting is a design- and technology-driven lighting manufacturer headquartered in suburban Chicago. BlackJack is headed by award-winning lighting designer Stephen Blackman, who serves as President and Chief Design Officer. BlackJack Lighting represents Blackman’s desire to create very high-end lighting, satisfying a market that places a premium on stunning design, fabulous materials and the very latest lighting technology.During his 30-year career, Blackman’s designs have evolved as technology shifted from incandescent and halogen lighting, fluorescent and compact fluorescent light sources to LEDs and, most recently, OLEDS. Going forward, Stephen Blackman will continue to lead the industry; BlackJack Lighting is among the first to incorporate emerging lighting technology into new designs.

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