Vivid Leds works with Ohio McDonalds to replace HID lamps with LED lighting

Aug. 16, 2013
Date Announced: 16 Aug 2013 Vivid Leds, Inc. aids local McDonald's with outstanding returns on energy costs and reduced carbon footprint.GREEN, Ohio -- Vivid Leds, Inc., a local manufacturer of high quality, energy efficient lighting, worked with McDonald's in Northeast Ohio to replace outdated fluorescent and H.I.D. lamps and fixtures with energy-efficient LED lighting both inside and outside several restaurants in the area."We are seeing energy costs drop by over $500 per month!" said Jennifer Short, Director of Operations for nine local McDonald's restaurants. "Because of this drastic reduction, AEP and First Energy awarded our locations with certificates appreciating the decrease of our carbon footprint. Our Akron store increased to offering 24 hour service; yet, with the conversion to LED, the store did not increase their cost of electric." Steve Zeneri, owner of Vivid Leds, Inc., noted that Jennifer got in at the right time; at the peak of energy efficiency rebates for converting lighting to LED. Jennifer commented, "Vivid Leds handled all the legwork and paperwork to get our rebates approved for converting our lighting. The employees of Vivid Leds built a trusting relationship up front, so I respected their suggestions for lighting improvements. I learned about energy usage and electricity in the process.""With the explosion of companies converting their high wattage and high maintenance indoor and outdoor fixtures to energy efficient technologies like LED, we have been successful in the market by utilizing our nationwide network of sales agents to reach distributors, architects and the customer," said Steve Zeneri. "We are proud to be a leader in lighting technology and proud to be able to serve the local community through current customers such as McDonald's, Goodyear, Lockheed Martin, PPG, Cleveland Metroparks, and Stark State College."Vivid Leds, Inc. formed in 2008 to reduce energy and maintenance labor costs for commercial contractors, electricians, small and large businesses, schools, hospitals, car dealerships, retail and grocery stores, gas stations, warehouses and many other industries. Vivid Leds both manufacturers and imports high quality LEDS, delivering an exceptional product at an affordable price.

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