Rugby Borough Council selects Ecolight LED lighting to help achieve carbon management goals

Aug. 5, 2013
Date Announced: 05 Aug 2013 The Rugby Borough Council needed to upgrade their lighting systems as part of their Carbon Management Plan (CMP) - a mandatory scheme aimed at improving energy efficiency and cutting emissions in large public and private sector organisations.Ecolight was selected via a competitive tender to design, supply, install, manage, and commission a new system including emergency lighting and interconnection with the building energy management system for the whole town hall.Lighting systems needed to be upgraded in all areas of the building, including offices, corridors, storerooms, toilets and stairwells. In offices it was necessary to provide a comfortable and naturally lit environment for people to work in that took into account their individual needs.Ecolight undertook an in-depth, room-by-room lighting survey of the whole building. The resulting report detailed existing energy consumption and demonstrated the savings that could be made byswitching to Lylux products.In order to maximise savings, stairwells, toilets and corridor luminaires were fitted with PIR detectors that dimmed the lighting down to 20% of full power when no movement is detected inthe area.The whole installation used Lylux products - Ecolight’s own-brand lighting range. Lylux uses the very latest LED lighting technology and combines high performance with improved reliability and lowmaintenance costs.Products installed:Offices: Lylux Panels - pure white, close to daylight and ideal for computer workWalkways including some kitchens: Lylux 5ft tubesW/Cs and some kitchens: Lylux 2D fittingsEmergency lighting: Lylux standalone 1W LEDThe new lighting system enabled Rugby Borough Council to fulfil its commitment to the CMP, including the minimisation of operating costs, maintenance costs and CO2 emissions. Annual predicted savings are £18,200, 163,497kWh (76%) and 88.3t CO2.“We were very impressed with Ecolight from the first meeting through to the final installation. The design delivered exactly what we needed giving us natural daylight working conditions, which are so much better than what we had previously. The Ecolight team were professional and friendly and the installation was done with the minimum of disruption. The savings we have made are substantial and mean that we now comply with the Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme.’To find out more about Ecolight or Lylux products please visit is a UK based Energy Management Solutions company specialising in LED lighting solutions, helping to create a better environment by applying the latest technology and investing in the future.

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