Slovak illumination company Leader Light provides LEDs for truck refuelling station

Aug. 9, 2013
Date Announced: 09 Aug 2013 A recent project implemented by the Slovak company LEADER LIGHT is the illumination of the Truck centre "CUSTOMS" in Holíč. In the original lighting project for the space over truck stands for refuelling, eight 250W halogen discharge lamps were placed at 4.7 m high. These luminaires were replaced with energy saving LED products – LL High Bay from LEADER LIGHT with total output power of 120W. The advantage of this luminaire is the high energy savings and its ability to dim, so its energy usage can be reduced during night time (e.g., 60W). The average luminance of the lighting system is supposed to be more than 200 lux. Part of the reconstruction were also the two shelters which served for customs controls. A lot of halogen discharge lighting was replaced with only three energy saving LED luminaires – LL High Bay with output power of 60 W. In addition, lighting for the truck parking lots was also reconstructed. Originally, this area was illuminated with 27 pieces of 250 W HPS luminaires located on 12m poles. The new lighting system consists of 27 pieces of LED lighting – LL Street. During the first stage, 11 pieces of these luminaires were ordered and installed. In the past, the Truck centre "CUSTOMS" in Holíč was used for border crossing between Slovak and Czech Republics. After the reconstruction, the customs centre was changed to a truck centre which provides truck drivers with accommodations, meals, parking and refuelling facilities.LEADER LIGHT is a Slovak company which produces LED lighting and LED technology for the entertainment, architainment, and architecture markets. In addition, the company in cooperation with EcoLED Solutions ( emphasizes LED projects which can save the user operating costs for power consumption and lighting.

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