COBRIGHT LED Tube Lamp lights on a Hospital in Zagreb of Croatia

Aug. 26, 2013
Date Announced: 26 Aug 2013 In May of 2013, COBRIGHT has delivered hundreds of tubes to Croatia clients for a Zagreb hospital replacement project.Before this hospital is using 36W traditional fluorescent tube, after years later, the light decay is very bad, and the hospital administration department determined to replace it by LED tube light completely. And fortunately COBRIGHT LED tube light has got the approval. This project will be divided into two steps, firstly, installed the hundreds of these tubes in one hospital in advance. Next to replace the whole system. This time it adopts our 18W led tube light, 3528SMD LED, EPISTAR chip, 1800-1900lm, transparent cover. The main features of our led tube light are:1. The tube is with high lumen efficiency of 100-110lumen per watt. 2. Material of PCB board is Aluminum (not FR4, fiberglass material).3. PCB is one complete board, not several pieces connected.4. Power supply is high efficiency, Power Factor (PF) is so high, at 220V, and PF is about 0.95, at 110V, PF is about 0.97.5. LED is EPISTAR chip, 7-8lumen per pieces.6. 3528 type T10 tube is with rotatable end caps.Our led tube light has sold to more than 50 countries of world.After the project installed and tested several days later, our clients Mr. Plukavec called us excitingly that: “The lamps work very well, fantastic! we succeeded to enter to the general plan for this and next years for changing complete fluo to LED lights!”Warmly welcome more clients to contact with us for more product information and win-win cooperation!

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