Toshiba proposes LED-based outdoor lighting solution in collaboration with Landis+Gyr

March 27, 2013
Date Announced: 27 Mar 2013 Toshiba Lighting is developing the City of Tomorrow in collaboration with Landis+Gyr. Thanks to its historical expertise, Toshiba Lighting will offer new efficient and economical outdoor solutions for outdoor lighting based on a specific vision for Smart Lighting. A vision and a partnership to service the needs of local councils and citizensToshiba Lighting, pioneer in the LED market has announced a collaboration with Landis+Gyr, leader in smart metering, in order to conceive and construct the City for the 21st Century. In this context, Toshiba Lighting plans to propose intelligent lighting founded on the automatic and optimised management of information.Toshiba wishes to allow citizens to enjoy more convenient and secure spaces in the heart of the city. Buildings, parking lots and streets will be equipped with solutions that can detect movement, the temperature (rain, heat, fog) and the level of daylight (day and night). With these different parameters, the public infrastructure will be able, for example, to light up, intensify brightness or signal a maintenance issue. This unique vision around the new management of energy allows solutions that are designed for the automation of lighting and therefore offer multiple advantages to the benefiting local councils, such as: · The management of costs and reduction of maintenance· A better quality of light in cities· Improved urban design · Increased security of citizens thanks to continual solutions-automated lighting· Better social responsibility, with the luminaires being recyclable and excluding mercuryThis initiative by Toshiba Lighting for the cities of tomorrow is part of a much larger approach of the Group called the 2050 Environmental Vision. As such the company aims to create new technologies while minimising their environmental impact. The LEDs developed by Toshiba, coupled with the intelligent lighting systems of Landis+Gyr translate into a transition into products that are more environmentally conscious. LED solutions that meet consumer needs This approach towards outdoor lighting is only possible thanks to the development of LED solutions that are even more efficient combined with control offered by intelligent lighting systems. Toshiba has successfully launched LED lighting solutions in Europe in just three years and today is a major actor in the market. The lighting division is leading the market in equal measure on the innovation and commercialisation of new LED products and highly efficient lighting technologies. Product specifications: E-Core LED Roadlight 9000With 92 lm/W, the E-CORE LED Roadlight 9000 is compatible with the EN 13201 standard and combines all technological and design advantages at a manageable cost that also reduces the need for infrastructure maintenance of the road network. This road light, which is water resistant, provides variable and progressive light that is « eye-friendly » and constantly controls the output of lumens managing an average lifespan of 60 000 hour. This exceptional performance that quickly eclipses the conventional mercury 250 lamp system, coupled with its complete reduction of UV diffusion, is also environmentally conscious in terms of energy output and impact of the surrounding natural habitat of insects. ABOUT TOSHIBA LIGHTING SYSTEMS, EUROPEToshiba is a world-leading diversified manufacturer, solutions provider and marketer of advanced electronic and electrical products and systems. Toshiba Group brings innovation and imagination to a wide range of businesses: digital products, including LCD TVs, notebook PCs, retail solutions and MFPs; electronic devices, including semiconductors, storage products and materials; industrial and social infrastructure systems, including power generation systems, smart community solutions, medical systems and escalators & elevators; and home appliances.Toshiba Europe GmbH, headquartered in Neuss, Germany, is a fully-owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, Tokyo. Among its key activities includes the development of the Toshiba New Lighting division in Europe and beyond.With an expertise in lighting and electronics components, as well as a historical commitment to leading innovation, Toshiba Lighting is a pioneer in the LED market. 130 years ago, Toshiba was founded upon lighting. Today, its expanding range of LED products (including reflector lamps, indoor and outdoor fixtures, light engines) and solutions, designed for business or residential purposes, are all part of a global effort to create our future lighting paradigm, based on strong power efficiency, perfect retrofit, energy savings, consumer well-being and a commitment to the true beauty of light.Toshiba was founded in 1875, and today operates a global network of more than 550 consolidated companies, with 202,000 employees worldwide and annual sales surpassing 6.1 trillion yen (US$74 billion).

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