ATG’s iBright T8 LED tubes are now available in the Photopia library

March 1, 2013
Date Announced: 01 Mar 2013 ATG electronics, a leading solution provider for indoor LED lighting retrofit products, is proud to announce that their STAR product line of iBright™ DLC T8 LED Tubes have been added to the Photopia library.Photopia’s library now includes the following iBright™ T8 LED tube models from ATG: HFL-8000M, HFL-8040M, and the HFL-8080M. The models in the Photopia Library contain 3 basic components: a CAD model, an IES formatted bare lamp photometric file, and the luminance information for the source.With this fast and accurate photometric analysis program, lighting manufacturers and designers can test a number of design variations of ATG products used to produce comprehensive performance evaluations. Photopia is the most widely used optical design and analysis software, and is used by lighting companies all over the world. All of the key aspects of design that affect light control are parameterized in ways that are meaningful to optical design. This is in direct contrast to standard parametric CAD software, which only allows users to parameterize mechanical features that have indirect and unknown optical effects. Detailed information about this available at: ATG Electronics In 2001, a group of visionary engineers started ATG Electronics in California. Today, we are the most recognized brand in the world for retrofitting conventional lights with LEDs. ATG delivers great value to our customers, helping save energy, and protecting the environment. ATG Electronics holds multiple patents in the United States and China. Our products are certified Energy Star, Design Lights Consortium, Lighting Design Lab, UL, cUL, ETL, NOM, KEMA, CE, RoHS, GS and PSE. We operate two ISO9001 certified manufacturing factories in China, and one assembly facility in California. ATG offers IES files, LM79, LM80 and ISTMT reports, and third party performance reports. We also offer up to a five-year extended warranty to our customers. ATG’s LED products have been undergoing years of lumen maintenance testing, and have maintained a light depreciation rate of less than 6%. The first generation of iBright™ LED tubes have been thriving for several years. To date, our iBright™ LED lamps have renewed landmarks including government office buildings, five star hotels, hospitals, university and high school classrooms, and many more.

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