Premium Lighting Solutions (PLS) Launches First Waterproof LED

March 13, 2013
Date Announced: 13 Mar 2013 Premium Lighting Solutions (PLS), a manufacturer and supplier of leading lighting technologies into commercial, public and industrial buildings, has launched a new waterproof energy efficient light fitting. The IP65 LED panels are particularly suited to those industries that need to maintain an exceptionally clean environment, such as food preparation and healthcare. The fitting is a waterproof version of PLS’ existing LED panels, which offer energy savings of over 70% when compared with traditional lighting technology.The panels, which are the first waterproof LED panels on the market, fit flush to the ceiling and are able to withstand any kind of cleaning process including high power jet and pressure washers. Other LED panels currently available tend to become damaged by water or are cracked by the excessive force of the cleaning process.Other features of the panels include:• Only 10mm thickness – one of the thinnest lighting panels on the market• No glass in the composition guarantees safety for food production areas• High Colour Rendering Index ensures that reflected colour looks the way it shouldFully waterproof power supply Keith Wyatt, Commercial Director, comments: “The waterproof IP65 LED panels were designed for the food production market but offer an efficient, durable solution for all industries that want to improve their energy usage and need to maintain especially hygienic surroundings. Until now, companies operating these kinds of industries have been restricted in the fittings that they can use because those available lack the necessary resilience. We believe that this product offers the answer.”