Xeralux XHB high bay LED luminaires reduce energy consumption up to 90%

March 19, 2013
Date Announced: 19 Mar 2013 New XHB Enables Quick Return on Investment While Improving Quality of Light.SUNNYVALE, Calif. Xeralux Inc., the leading manufacturer of LED-based retrofit kits and luminaires, today announced the availability of the new XHB Series of High Bay LED lighting. According to a U.S. Department of Energy study, LED lighting has the potential to reduce U.S. lighting energy consumption by nearly one half. The XHB Series of High Bay lights reduces energy consumption by up to 90 percent when compared to conventional lighting, while improving light levels and safety in warehouse, manufacturing, gymnasium, convention center, food processing and cold storage environments. “Our new XHB Series brings enormous energy savings to commercial indoor environments,” said Rao Arimilli, vice president of Product Marketing for Xeralux. “Businesses have come to understand that LEDs are the most cost-effective way to achieve energy savings while improving the lighting of their facilities. With XHB luminaires, Xeralux improves a company’s infrastructure while offering a rapid return on investment.”The XHB High Bay product family is the ideal replacement for 250W to 1000W HID luminaires, and delivers up to 47,000 lumens and up to 94lm/W luminaire efficacy. The XHB High Bay is a very flexible product, which can be deployed with as few as three LED petals and as many as 12 LED petals. The XHB product is listed by DesignLights Consortium for both open warehouse and high bay aisle applications. The XHB product also supports optional occupancy sensing coupled with bi-level dimming providing maximum cost savings and fastest payback.The XHB family is available in indoor dry and wet locations and is certified to meet Ingress Protection rating IP66 for stringent protection against dust water. Xeralux products come with a standard five-year warranty and are “Buy American Compliant.”AvailabilityThe Xeralux XHB High Bay Series is available today. To learn more about the XHB Series of High Bay LED lighting and other LED lighting options from Xeralux, please visit our products page.About Xeralux Inc.Xeralux Inc. is the leading manufacturer of LED-based retrofit kits and luminaires for outdoor area, high bay and parking garage lighting. Based in Sunnyvale, California, the company provides systems that enable commercial end users to create safer, more beautiful and sustainable campuses while reducing energy and operational costs. Xeralux products reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gasses by 50-80 percent, eliminate annual bulb and ballast replacement costs, improve lighting quality and safety and completely eliminate the toxic mercury found in traditional light sources, often without replacing existing fixtures. For more information, please visit www.xeralux.com.



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