MechaTronix launches IceLED modular active LED cooler

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The IceLED product range is specifically developed for spot and down lights from 2000 to 8000 lumen (20 to 90W cooling)

Besides the high lifetime design >60Khrs (L 10 life time @ 25°C) and super silent working mode (<21dB @ 1m, including human and pets audible frequency range) these coolers offer a unique thermal performance and an aesthetic high end look
The IceLED is designed in this way that almost all available led engines in the market can be mounted without adding additional
drilling or tapping costs, including LED holders from Tyco Elctronics and reflectors from various manufactures

All Zhaga compatible modules like the Philips Fortimo SLM, GE Infusion,Tridonic Talexx Stark, Edison Edilex,... as well as some specific modules like the Bridgelux RS array, Citizen CLL030/040/050 series and the Xicato XPM & XSM LED engines can be mounted with standard self tapping screws M3x6mm

This makes the IceLED not only an extraordinary development from point of view of thermal performance and looks, but makes the IceLED
unique in his class with regards to the market pricing
Datasheets and drawings are as usual available online on

A flipchart is developed for the IceLED, both in soft as hard copy version, which gives you a perfect overview of the compatible LED modules, as well as easy to use overlay which immediately indicates the mounting holes you need

MechaTronix Ltd 4-6F Nr 308, Bade 1st Road, 80050 Kaohsiung, Taiwan


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