Oxford Instruments' newest tool maximises batch production for HBLED manufacturing

March 18, 2013
Date Announced: 18 Mar 2013 Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has just announced an evolution in batch etch technology with the launch of the PlasmaPro®1000 Astrea etch system, a large batch etch solution for PSS, GaN and AlGaInP that will offer HBLED production manufacturers high throughput coupled with industry leading Cost of Ownership (CoO). The launch is being made at the LED China exhibition in Shanghai this week, where Dr Mark Dineen, Oxford Instruments HBLED Product Manager will present the new system to the LED China Conference delegates. “The PlasmaPro1000 Astrea is our ultimate batch etch tool, building on over 15 Years experience as a major supplier to the HBLED industry”, says Dr Mark Dineen, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology’s HBLED Product Manager, “Today’s HBLED manufacturers justifiably demand high yield, high throughput, optimum device quality and low cost of ownership. Our PlasmaPro1000 Astrea large batch etch system offers solutions for all of these.”With wafer batch sizes from 55 x 2” to 3 x 8”, the system has been designed specifically for the harsh chemistries required for HBLED materials. The PlasmaPro1000 Astrea delivers low damage, high yield processes ensuring the maximum light output from customers’ chips. This is a highly configurable system, with process chambers that are available as standalone modules or in cluster configurations, available on a four sided cluster tool capable of supporting up to three process modules. Designed to ensure high system availability and ease of serviceability, key system features and benefits include:· Industry leading >690mm large area source for highly uniform plasma· 490mm electrode giving unparalleled throughput from batch sizes of 55x2”, 14x4”, 7x6” and 3x8”· High conductance pumping system· Dual entry gas inlet for ease of process tuning· Maximised clamping for wafer cooling· Z-movement electrode for ultimate uniformity· Reliable hardware and ease of serviceability for excellent uptimeDan Ayres, Managing Director of Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology comments, “This advanced and innovative system has been developed to address the exacting needs of HBLED Production users, who demand not only the very latest technological innovations, but also the superb customer support offered by our Company. As an industry leading manufacturer of systems for plasma etch and deposition, Oxford Instruments constantly strives to improve and evolve its systems to provide the ultimate tool. With access to our exclusive library of over 6,000 process recipes, built up over 25 years as a leading plasma tool manufacturer, our customers are guaranteed an excellent product with comprehensive, market leading backup.”For more information please see: http://www.oxford-instruments.com/products/etching-deposition-and-growth/tools/plasma-etch-deposition-systems/plasmapro-1000-astrea

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