South African Broadcasting Corporation invests in Robe moving lights

March 4, 2013
Date Announced: 04 Mar 2013 The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has made its first ever moving light purchase …investing in Robe ROBIN 300 and 600 LEDWashes plus 300E and 600E Spots – a total of 41 units.The sale was co-ordinated by Johannesburg based TV lighting rental and design specialist Blackmotion, with the Robe units all delivered by South African distributor DWR as part of a major technical upgrade by SABC’s lighting department.Blackmotion’s MD Kagiso Tiro Daystar Moima (KG) explains that they were approached in 2012 through a tendered process when the SABC’s in-house lighting directors set up a team to research into the best purchase options for the broadcaster.SABC was about to embark on a full commissioning schedule of LE and variety programmes, so it made commercial sense ahead of this to purchase the lights required for these shows … rather than renting in.Blackmotion has Robe fixtures in its own rental inventory and a vast experience of using Robe products in this sector, so they were also an obvious choice as a facilitator for the new lighting supply.SABC wanted the latest, best and most appropriate technology to enhance their busy standard schedule of studio based programmes in addition to the LE shows. They already had a good idea of the types of lights they wanted and with which features and functions … having seen Robe in action at the 2011 Mediatech trade exhibition and on other shows and events around the country.High on their agenda was energy saving characteristics – making Robe a true front-runner in the choices. Electricity costs are rising in SA, so any savings that can be made are welcome and SABC also has a greening policy, so all the fixtures, especially the LEDs, also ticked this box very nicely!When they saw the units demonstrated, they were “Astonished” by the brightness and zoom capabilities and also the light weight and ultimate portability, plus the smooth homogenised colour mixing system of the LEDWashes.The lights were delivered fully flightcase and ready-to-rock to SABC’s Auckland Park, Johannesburg HQ, and SABC staff will receive a full training programme initiated by DWR and Blackmotion enabling them to get the most out of their new Robes.Photo shows : Kagiso Tiro Daystar Moima (KG) – L-shaped hand gesture - of Blackmotion with Nic Britz (DWR’s Training Manager) – open hand gesture – and the SABC Lighting Team in Johannesburg taking delivery of their new Robe moving lights.

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