Obelux will install LED aviation obstruction lights for Gamesa's Finnish wind turbines

March 19, 2013
Date Announced: 19 Mar 2013 Gamesa, a global technology leader in wind energy, has contracted Obelux Oy to install LED high-intensity obstruction lights on its 4.5 MW wind turbines at the Simo wind farm in Northern Finland. The aviation lights will be located on top of the nacelle, 140 meters above the ground. Obelux Oy is known for its continuous innovation in LED aviation obstruction lights and responsiveness in meeting industry needs. Obelux’s products, designed and manufactured in Finland, are compliant with ICAO and FAA rules. “We chose Obelux because of their long experience in LED aviation lights, and their ability to meet both the Finnish national regulations and the extreme Nordic environmental conditions”, explains Erik Aslund, Presale Technical support Gamesa Scandinavia. “We are proud to be partnering with Gamesa in their first 4.5 MW turbine deliveries to the Finnish market. Meeting national aviation light regulations is always the number one requirement for our clients. It is also important to minimize light pollution to the neighbors near the turbines. We do this with precise optical design and accurate light beam adjustment”, says Tapio Kallonen, Export Manager at Obelux.The first four 4.5 MW wind turbines will be installed in 2013 on the Simo wind farm. The end-customer of the wind turbines is TuuliWatti Oy, a wind power joint venture between Finnish energy company St1 Oy and national retail cooperative S-Group.About Obelux OyObelux Oy is a Finnish LED aviation obstruction light manufacturer. Since 1997, the company has delivered LED-based aviation lights to over 50 countries worldwide. Obelux offers a complete aviation light solution for wind parks. Being familiar with both national regulations and extreme weather conditions, Obelux is a reliable and experienced partner for aviation lights.

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