Nualight launches LED Alto 530 Vivace for canopies

March 7, 2013
Date Announced: 07 Mar 2013 The Alto 530 Vivace, a new high-performance LED lighting solution for canopy lighting in food displays designed for maximum merchandising impact, has today been announced by Nualight as the latest addition to its product portfolio.The product is a further enhancement of Nualight’s original Alto 530 and now incorporates the innovative Vivace technology which delivers even higher performance colour rendering, particularly for meat and fresh food.The product’s specific benefit is its unique combination of diffuse light and very high CRI/R9 which results in superb colour impact with no packaging reflections for canopy lighting applications in refrigerated cases. It is ideal for open and closed multidecks displaying high-margin fresh food, both packaged and unpackaged. Combining three unique benefits in one product, the Alto 530 Vivace offers smooth lighting, sharp directionality and an extremely high CRI/R9 in excess of 90. The objective of the Alto 530 Vivace offering is to bring canopy lighting for multideck cabinets in supermarkets to new levels of merchandising impact.Designed for supreme colour impact and sparkle without glare, it is designed for multidecks displaying high-margin packaged fresh food such as meat, fish, salads and desserts. A high R9 value creates rich and vibrant tones at the red end of the spectrum, so that red meats, fish and fruits/vegetables look far fresher and more tempting. The Alto 530 Vivace also features Perfino optical technology, which creates a very smooth lighting effect without losing the sharp directionality of LED. This smooth lighting effect is comfortable for shoppers, but also minimises packaging reflections. Combined with adjustable brackets to point the light, the assymetric light distribution of the Alto 530 Vivace creates dramatic accentuation all the way to the bottom shelves. It is the latest in a suite of Vivace LED lighting solutions for premium merchandising impact in food display cabinets in supermarkets. Vivace is Nualight’s brand name for very high CRI and R9, resulting in industry-leading colour rendering. It joins the Alto 610 Vivace (designed for serve-overs) and the Porto 610 Vivace (designed for closed meat multidecks).

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